Transforming animal by-products into functional meat products using 3D Printing

The utilization of meat by-products (e.g., heart, liver, kidney, intestines, and tongue) is necessary due to their adverse effects on environment. Livestock by-products represent about 52% of the cattle live weight. Since greater amounts of animals live weight is rendered unfavorable for regular consumption, it becomes important to develop technologies for the effective utilization of meat by-products. Furthermore, the large scale disposal of meat by-products in landfills raises environmental concerns. In this regard, their reuse in 3D printing technology could be an alternative. This project goal is to transform beef by-products into functional products through the use of the emerging 3D printing technology for culturally-diverse Canadian consumers. This project proposes a novel initiative to improve the sustainability of livestock production by reducing animal by-product waste. The production of functional meat products through 3D printing that meets optimal nutritional requirements recommended by Health Canada for different population age stages such as adult and seniors.

Md Mahmudul Hasan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Argenis Rodas-Gonzalez
Partner University: