The Transitioning Youth with Disabilities and Employment Project – “The TYDE Project” – Focus on Gender Equity: Why are jobs distributed so unequally across gender?

Employment is important for ensuring social inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who commonly use the identity term self-advocates in Canada. Self-advocates are much less likely to be employed, and work fewer hours a week and often earn only minimum wage. When gender is taken into account, men are hired more frequently, work longer hours, and earn higher wages. A better understanding of employment barriers facing women and gender diverse self-advocates is needed to protect and promote the right to work. A reference group of women self-advocates will identify barriers to employment in order to develop an online educational resource that aims to improve gender-specific knowledge about employment expectations and overall employment outcomes. The online resource will be tested at four workshops. Changes in workshop participants’ knowledge about employment and their feedback will be used to make any needed improvements for the educational resource to be effective.

Robin Metcalfe
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rachelle Hole
British Columbia
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