Translating knowledge about optimization of surgical recovery into achieved outcomes forpatients: A dismantling trial in colorectal surgery

This study will be a three-arm, dismantling randomized trial aimed to assess the extent to which recovery after colorectal surgery is influenced by postoperative facilitation of nutrition and mobilization. Adult patients (> 18 years) with colonic or rectal diseases planned for colorectal resection at the Montreal General Hospital will be considered for inclusion. Criteria for exclusion will be: metastatic disease, medical conditions that preclude adequate postoperative feeding and/or mobilization (e.g. neurological or musculoskeletal diseases) and inability to understand English or French. Informed consent will be obtained at the preoperative visit (approximately 1 week before surgery). Randomization will be performed via computer generated block randomisation and placed in opaque envelopes. Random allocation will be concealed until the first morning after surgery. Patients will be randomized into one of three groups: Usual postoperative care: In a preoperative visit (approximately 1 week before surgery), patients will discuss postoperative nutritional and mobilization goals with a surgery nurse and receive a booklet informing targets for each postoperative day. No facilitation of mobilization and nutrition will be provided in the postoperative period...

Julio Flavio Fiore Junior
Faculty Supervisor: 
Liane Feldman
Project Year: