Treaty 7 Women’s Research Initiative

The goal of the CFT7 Womens Research initiative is to discover labour market interests of Indigenous women within the Treaty Seven territory. The objective for the interns will be to assist the project coordinator with the development of a questionnaire that will be used to gather information from the Treaty Seven communities. The interns will also help to scan the labour market to identify employers who will provide future employment for programs created as a result of the research attained through this initiative. The benefits to the partner organization will be creating stronger relationships with indigenous businesses and communities. Helping students gain efficient skills that will further their future academic studies and careers. As well as helping collect important research information for the women’s initiative which will benefit indigenous women within the Treaty Seven territory.

Saydie Jerry;Erin Many Wounds;Aiyana Bastien;Annisa Chynell Shade;Joni Smith;Megan Smith;Josie Grier;Cali Weasel Fat;Skilee Dixon;Tenise Littletent Across the Mountain
Faculty Supervisor: 
Linda ManyGuns;Michelle Hogue
Partner University: