TWN Cumulative Effects Monitoring Initiative: Ecosystem Modelling Framework

The general objective of the proposed activity is to increase the future productivity of Burrard Inlet and the contribution of seafood to the diet of Tsleil-Waututh Nation (TWN) members in support of the TWN Cumulative Effects Monitoring Initiative. The specific objectives are (1) to establish a pre-contact baseline food web and track the arc of change to the current environmental state of Burrard Inlet; (2) to inform ecosystem restoration and enhancement initiatives and progress that will allow TWN members to obtain a minimum of 10% of food requirements from Burrard Inlet by 2040; and (3) to inform impact assessments and management decision-making to ensure future development projects in Burrard Inlet will result in a net ecological gain.

Meaghan Efford;Matias Bofarull Oddo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Villy Christensen
British Columbia
Partner University: