Understanding and improving techniques to teach financial literacy in children

Youths spend over $141 billion annually. Yet, these same youth often demonstrate extremely poor understanding of healthy financial habits such as emergency funds and budgeting. The proposed project seeks to tackle two main questions through the Dojo financial literacy learning application. First, what principles/techniques have been shown to positively impact financial literacy (e.g., interactive games, infographics, etc)? Second, is the Dojo platform an effective tool for teaching children about financial literacy? These questions will be answered through survey research of application beta testers as well as actual application engagement and usage data analysis. This research proposed here seeks to fill a gap in the literature showing that the best financial literacy information often comes from the most ineffective source; thus, how effective is a standardized educational platform that is both administered by, and simultaneously guides, parents?

Dylan Wiwad
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lara Aknin
British Columbia
Partner University: