Understanding how waistband height and tightness changes respiratory function

Our abdomen can contract in order to help us breath. Restricting our abdomen has previously shown to reduce the function of our lungs at rest, and change the way we breath during exercise. Women's athletic apparel has trended towards high-waisted, lower body garments. A high-waisted band, although not as severe as abdominal strapping, can apply pressure to our abdomen, which can potentially increase our abdominal tone. The purpose of this project is to measure how the height and fit of a waist-band can affect breathing during rest and static exercise. To do this, we will measure esophageal and gastric pressure using catheters inserted through the nose. In measuring pressure, we can determine how waist-bands affect the work required to breath, behaviour of breathing, and the activation of the abdomen when breathing.

Michael (Mick) Leahy
Faculty Supervisor: 
A. William (Bill) Sheel
British Columbia
Partner University: