Understanding molecular, cellular and tissue responses to low-dose / low-dose-rate ionizing radiation

The project will undertake independent and evidence-based research on the effects of exposure to low-dose radiation (LDR). It aims to obtain accurate and unbiased information on the biological responses resulting from exposures to LDR - a cell and tissue stressor. The project will undertake tasks that will identify changes in metabolic processes and physiological systems that could result in adverse or beneficial effects on the body. Gaps in knowledge on the effects of LDR on epigenetic memory, on the regulation of DNA stability and on homeostatic immune responses will be investigated. The use of funds to support the training and development of doctoral students and post-doctoral research fellows will expand the number of trained specialists and experts available to meet industry, academia, and health service needs in radiobiology.

Rosette Tamaddondoust;Sarah Hachmer;Michel Kanaan;Huy-Dung Hoang;Maryam Zare;Salar Pashangzadeh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Tommy Alain;Jeffrey Dilworth;Mary-Ellen Harper;Seung-Hwan Lee
Partner University: