Une nouvelle plateforme de nanothérapie contre le cancer de la prostate basée sur la photo-ablation, à l’aide d’imagerie et de surveillance

Prostate Cancer has become the most diagnosed cancer in men in Canada. Nanoparticles have a myriad of unique properties, the most striking is their incredible ability to absorb light and convert this energy into intense heat. Therefore, the placement of particles to a tumor, dissipating extreme near-field energy, would cause complete ablation. In realizing this goal, we have selected multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as they afford us: 1. extreme heat generating properties, 2. easily functionalized with many different molecules, and 3. safe
without systemic toxic effects. In this project, interns will be responsible for applying the nanotherapeutics platform to a prostate cancer animal model. Incorporated into the project will be a novel imaging modality, that will allow for the real-time visualization of the photo-ablative process. With this, Guzzo Nano Research will be responsible for introducing of nanoparticles into clinical medicine and offer a unique opportunity to entertain a new class of cancer agent to both the patients and physicians.

Seung Soo Lee
Faculty Supervisor: 
Miltiadis Paliouras;Frédéric Leblond
Partner University: