Unmanned Air Vehicles: Conformal Antenna and Shape Sensing in Flexible Aeroservoelastic Flight Demonstrators

QUATERNION has partnered with BOEING USA on a flight validation and evaluation program using Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to identify the operational system that replaces the 900MHz Autopilot Whip Antenna, integration of the printed antenna system into the UAS and related connectorization, fiber optic and strain gauge instrumentation in support of the shape prediction system and associated flight testing. As part of this development, QUATERNION is actively developing tools and processes to improve the predictive capabilities their in-house design and validation tools on printed electronics, sensors, antennae and shape sensing for the UAV market. QUATERNION is specifically interested in the flight test demonstration using UAV technology to further the maturation of printed electronics and structural antennae.

Willem Brussow
Nima Tofighi
Jenner Richards
Mario Andre Ribeiro Bras
Stephen Warwick
Peter Sherk
Faculty Supervisor: 
Curran Crawford
British Columbia
Partner University: