Unsolicited Proposals as Tools for Innovation

Public procurement plays a crucial role in enabling governments to achieve their goals. Unsolicited proposals represent a departure from the usual procurement process used by governments, in that they involve a private firm submitting a proposal to develop a project or to deliver goods and services in the absence of a formal or informal request. Although the use of unsolicited proposals can present challenges, especially relating to transparency and competition, they can also spur business innovation, as well as provide social and/or environmental benefits. This research project will provide a systematic review of policies and practices that can be used to maximize the potential benefits associated with unsolicited proposals, while minimizing the potential risks and barriers to participation. The results of this research will help inform updates to the City of Toronto’s current policy with respect to unsolicited proposals, and will also be of interest to other public sector actors.

Chantelle McDonald
Faculty Supervisor: 
Angela Lee
Partner University: