Using a high-protein meal replacement to impact energy metabolism, body composition, and appetite of adults with excessive fat mass

Obesity has become an important public health problem worldwide. Weight loss strategies based on meal replacements and a higher protein intake have been growing in popularity. The synergistic effects of a combined high-protein meal replacement (HP-MR) on metabolism have only been recently explored by our research group during my doctoral studies. This was done using Almased (Almased USA, Inc., Wellington, FL, USA), a commercially available HP-MR. As an expansion of my previous work, this proposal is part of the Premium Study. As a result of this internship, this research project will (1) provide insight into the role of Almased for weight management; (2) generate evidence-based health claims and improve the label of Almased; (3) strengthen the relationship between the company and the University; and (4) facilitate the use of research knowledge by several stakeholders, such as health care providers and customers.

Camila Lemos Pinto Oliveira
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carla Prado
Partner University: