Validating the Positive Workplace Framework to strengthen mental fitness, resiliency, and positive leadership practices

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to address workplace wellness. The Positive Workplace Framework (PWF) is used in many workplace settings to improve well-being, engagement, and productivity. This study will address the French version of the PWF and its two questionnaires, the Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory (MFRI) and the Positive Leadership Inventory (PLI). The PWF’s theoretical foundations validated, the psychometric properties of both questionnaires will be described, and the important role leadership competencies play in a workplace will be demonstrated. An objective, replicable method to identify specific areas of intervention based on individual workplace environments will be developed. The partner organization will benefit greatly from this research as it will allow it to market a scientifically proven solution to improve workplace well-being and leadership competencies. Scientifically supported targeted interventions will lead to efficient practical interventions that will improve workplaces across Canada and elsewhere.

Viviane Yvette Bolanos Gramajo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Elizabeth A. Sloat
New Brunswick
Partner University: