Video Quality-of-Experience Assessment Based on Advanced Machine Learning Technologies

The proposed Mitacs cluster project aims to apply advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to attack challenging video quality-of-experience (QoE) assessment and quality assurance problems that are critical in real-world large-scale video distribution systems. Six internship students will work closely with the technical staff members at SSIMWAVE INC, a deep-tech startup company based in Waterloo Ontario, to develop AI-based automated video QoE assessment and video anomaly detection algorithms and software prototypes. The research outcome is expected to help enhance SSIMWAVE’s current QoE solutions in terms of accuracy, efficiency, reliability and versatility. It will also accelerate the adoption of deep learning and AI in the video distribution industry, and strengthen Canada’s competence and global leadership in the field.

Ganesh Rajasekar;Vyas Anirudh Akundy;Zhongling Wang;Jatin Sapra;Zhuoran Li;Xinyu Guo;Jinghan Zhou
Faculty Supervisor: 
Fakhri Karray;Zhou Wang
Partner University: