Visualization of gene structures, phylogenetic trees, and RNA structures

Bioinformatics is at the intersection of computer science, mathematics and biology. With the advent of new technologies, more and more genomic data is being generated. A common task for analysing such data is to visualize it in an interactive way that highlights the results of computational analyses. In the past 5 years, Web browsers have become very fast at data visualization, creating more opportunities to share bioinformatics results on the Web. This project combines comparative genomics expertise from the CoBIUS lab at UdeS with visualization techniques expertise from the data visualization company Plotly. The project aims at developing interactive tools to compare and visualize gene structures, phylogenies, and RNA structures that include important information from the underlying biological data and facilitate the handling of bioinformatics results. UdeS researchers will benefit from Dash, Plotly’s software for enabling Web data visualization in Python. Plotly will benefit from new bioinformatics applications that use Dash.

Jean-Pierre Séhi Glouzon
Esaie Kuitche Kamela
Safa Jammali
Faculty Supervisor: 
Aïda  Ouangraoua
Project Year: