The Voices of Children and Youth: Community Injury Prevention through Visual Storytelling and Intervention (VOICES) in First Nations communities

The Voices research project aims to build injury prevention capacity within the First Nation community of Akwesasne (near Cornwall, ON) and among researchers. Under the principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP), and with the guidance of a local Akwesasronon project manager, this project will be accomplished by working directly with and within the community, following the community’s lead in addressing child injury in an Akwesasronon context, and by making expertise and resources available.
The goal is to demonstrate the potential to influence cultural change toward safety and injury prevention through child leadership. This will be accomplished through the following objectives:
1. Identify leading determinants of child injury in Akwesasne
2. Identify gaps in child injury prevention efforts in Akwesasne
3. Inform the development of a comprehensive and holistic child injury prevention strategy
4. Increase community capacity to address child injury in Akwesasne

Emilie Beaulieu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ian Pike
British Columbia
Partner University: