From Waste to Hydrogen: Assessment of Alternative Hydrogen Production Processes

With the Focus around the world shifting to net-zero emissions as a solution to the climate crisis, countries are
stepping up with hydrogen strategies and committing large amounts of funding to make hydrogen a reality.
However, the main problem remains: On the supply side, hydrogen currently cannot be offered competitively
with Diesel/NG prices, and on the demand side, technologies, such as fuel cells, are not widely commercially
available yet to offtake hydrogen on a large scale. Hydra Energy offers to link supply and demand by engaging
with large chemical providers to take off their by-product hydrogen. At the same time, Hydra works with trucking
fleets to convert their trucks to run on a diesel/hydrogen co-combustion to offtake the hydrogen and reduce
GHG emissions from freight transportation. Beyond by-product hydrogen from chemical processes, various
alternative technologies can make use of a waste feedstock (wood, food, municipal, etc.) to produce hydrogen in
a cost-effective matter. The goal of this proposed research project is to explore these alternative sources of

Mehmud Iqbal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Charles Haynes;Vladan Prodanovic
British Columbia
Partner University: