Wavefield Imaging for Stored Grain Monitoring and Biomedical Applications

Electromagnetic and/or ultrasound imaging technology uses a hardware system to measure a target’s response to interrogating energy. Using sophisticated computer algorithms, these measurements can be converted into an image of the interior properties of the imaging target. Herein, targets of interest lie in the areas of biomedical imaging and stored agricultural crop monitoring.
Major advances in imaging technology over the past decade have made it possible to pursue these applications commercially, but there remains significant opportunity for continued improvements. This project broadly aims to achieve advances in electromagnetic and ultrasound imaging, as well as other complementary monitoring technologies.

Max Hughson;Ryan Kruk;Amir Ghasemi;Hannah Fogel;Forouz Mahdinezhad Saraskanroud;Vahab Khosdel;Pedram Mojabi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ian Jeffrey;Colin Gilmore;Jitendra Paliwal
Partner University: