Wearable and High-Frequency Bias-Switchable Row-Column 2D Ultrasound Array Development

Most ultrasound scans require time-consuming manual scanning of transducer arrays to obtain 2D images of the body. 3D images can be acquired by so-called matrix probes but these are large and bulky, and typically offer inferior image quality. Such probes do not exist in high-frequencies important for pre-clinical applications and to date no wearable 2D probe exists. Our vision is to create wearable flat-form-factor 2D arrays that could be used for longitudinal monitoring of the heart or other critical parameters in a hands-free way. These wearable probes could be connected to smart-phone-like ultrasound scanners. The objective of this program is to develop a new flat-panel ultrasound technology for high-frequency and wearable volumetric ultrasound scanning. The focus is on the transducer and electronics development to enable such next-generation ultrasound technology.

Chris Ceroici;Mohammad Rahim Sobhani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Roger James Zemp;Asha Rao
Partner University: