West Bolton Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan - home energy retrofit program

The West Bolton SNAP project will test methods for increasing the number of suburban households undertaking home energy retrofits in a neighbourhood of Caledon, Ontario with the aim of reducing residential energy consumption and the resulting GHG emissions. The Program will utilize locally targeted marketing, community events, and face-to-face Home Retrofit Consultations to engage households in West Bolton. The research will support a detailed program evaluation of the West Bolton SNAP home energy retrofit program, and enable knowledge generation around best practices for stimulating energy retrofit uptake through customized local engagement methods. Project reporting will express results and findings related to the experiences and behaviours of all participants. This information will contribute to informing on future approaches to reducing household GHG emissions in other Ontario communities.

Seyedmohsen Alavi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Christina Hoicka
Partner University: