What athletic therapists need to know about pain and pain medication: an evidenced based approach

The Canadian Athletic Therapy association (CATA) is the governing board for athletic therapist, health care professionals who rehabilitate athletes who are injured or in pain. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are often used by athletes as a pain management strategy, although they can have negative impacts on their health if misused. Since Athletic therapists follow athletes on the field and in the clinic, they are likely their most available health care professional. They should therefore be able to accurately educate and answer questions regarding pain medication and management. The goal is to create a list of competencies regarding pain management and medication to be included in the curriculum of athletic therapy academic institutions, and a CEU course for those already certified. This will be derived through a focus group, a systematic review, a pain induction study, and a study applying psychological practice in addition to standard care in a clinical setting.

Faculty Supervisor: 
Geoffrey Dover
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