Who’s at the Top? How racialized female newcomers ascend to top management teams

our overall objective is to explain the process by which FRNs move beyond attaining starter
jobs to advancing into senior leadership positions. Employment within a top management team means
newcomers are likely to make a strategic impact on business. We focus on the Greater Vancouver area
to leverage earlier research conducted in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), allowing for cross-provincial
comparisons of quantitative data (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, 2019). The project
will focus on two research questions to further our overall objective:

1. To what extent are female newcomers represented in senior leadership positions in Greater
2. What factors at the firm and individual levels explain any gaps or patterns revealed by the first
question, especially focusing on career progression of female racialized newcomers?

Aminat Muibi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stacey Fitzsimmons
British Columbia
Partner University: