Wireless body area sensor network for biomedical applications

This project involves the design, implementation and testing of a short range wireless communication network employing technologies such as Bluetooth or ZigBee.

The objective is to collect signals related to physiological conditions and physical positions and activities using various sensors, including but not limited to accelerometers, gyroscopes and ECG. These nodes are placed around the human bodies, and transmit the signals wirelessly to a central processing point for analysis. Physicians will be able to make use of the information provided by this system for patient monitoring and diagnostic purposes.

The system is intended to be worn by patients for extended periods of time with minimal intervention from physicians.  As a wearable platform, key areas of importance include high reliability and low power consumption. Optimizing hardware and software design is crucial to the success of the system.

The intern will tackle a key area of the project, and be responsible for both hardware and software implementation of this area, including designing and developing components and software libraries, integrating these parts into the rest of the system, and performing testing.

Chintan Kaur
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Victor Leung
British Columbia