World Class Manufacturing Technology Transfer: Engineering Lytehorse for Production

Lytehorse has designed an electric, stand-up riding, all-terrain vehicle that is quiet and minimizes its ecological footprint. This sustainable and powerful mode of transportation has diverse applications attracting customers from military, recreational and other industrial fields. The team has already established a network to source parts, customize component manufacturing and is currently embarking on small scale production for assessing an optimal mode for assembly for scaled production operation to enter the market in 2022-23. This project examines several modes of assembly, plant layouts and various tools to achieve efficient and quality assembly to meet the customer demands. Attention to key performance index assessment, eliminating waste, and optimizing production includes developing jigs, workbenches, monitoring and auditing tools for continual improvement and adapting to the marketplace. The project benefits for Lytehorse is for effectively growing its business to meet market demand for a new Canadian industry that has international markets.

Jaspreet Singh Jarry
Faculty Supervisor: 
Denise S.D. Stilling
Partner University: