Achieving quality control during veneer drying by using big data statistics

Veneer drying has traditionally been done using a qualitative approach. Although it is effective in assessing how any modification in parameters impacts veneer quality, it often yields a significant loss in quality due to delays involved in reaching the kiln's steady state following parameter modification. However, kilns are now being equipped with various sensors that allow the tracking of many parameters related to both the kiln and the veneers. The research objective is to link raw material characteristics with the veneer drying process.

Development and Optimization of Industrial Lubricants for Powder Metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy (PM) is a production method suitable for accurately fabricating complex shapes to a desired size and shape, thus minimizing the need for machining. This makes it cost effective in comparison to other manufacturing technologies.
In order to facilitate the production of PM parts, a lubricant is added to the iron based powder during mixing. The lubricant affects the internal friction between the particles during compaction as well as reduces the total energy needed to eject the part from the die after compaction.

Dimensional stability of composites during the assembly of space structures

Space structures must be designed to resist the harsh space environment, which include but it is not limited to atomic oxygen, ionizing radiation, charged particle plasma, man-made debris and micrometeoroids. Thus, the spacecraft must be designed to have high stiffness, low thermal expansion and high dimensional stability. Composite materials can be designed to fulfill those requirements to be used in space applications. Common structures that use composite materials allow for the transfer of information for space research and communication services, such as radio, television and telephone.

Assessing Participatory Management with a 5S project – An Empirical Approach

This Mitacs Project’s aim is to calibrate and test a model to assess and improve the employee’s engagement. The work will focus in define a methodology to identify the necessary data for the calibration and the installation of a model (a set of equations) for improvement of a factory. This project will benefit both: the researchers with data for calibration and the factory with a new tool to improve productivity.

Implementation of a Machine Vision-based System for the Recognition of Indian Coins

Counting coins, with speed and accuracy, has been a challenging issue for banks and stores. People used to count coins manually before the arrival of coin counting machines. The process of counting coins manually is a very time consuming and tedious job. Moreover, mistakes are likely to occur due to various reasons such as fatigue, eye tiredness and too many coins of nearly same shape and size cause confusion in sorting and counting. Coin sorters are common in North America and can be found in most commercial banks and even some grocery stores.

Rotational Doppler shift with optical vortices in the backward-wave phase-matching process, as probe for improved vibration sensing

Optical vortices have recently attracted great interest in many fields of scientific and technologi-cal research. The proposed project aims to experimentally verify the rotational Doppler shift in the nonlinear optical regime using optical vortices. The frequency shift sensed through optical vortices in the nonlinear interaction is expected to be proportional to the order of the optical vortex.

Production planning at Wesgar

Wesgar is a factory that produces metal sheets for its customers. After a product is ready, it will be delivered to the customer. The objective of this project is to improve the On Time Delivery. At Wesgar they have different machines in their production system. These machines are able to process different products based on the shape, size and material. Each product must pass some specific machines to be processed through the production plan. A schedule that determines which product must pass which machine at what time is required for the production system at Wesgar.

Chemical foaming of glass fiber reinforced recycled PET (rPET) and the injection molding performance of the foamable compound

Plastic wastes are a burden to municipal waste managements and have adverse environmental effects. But the daily increase in production of packaging materials and plastic parts make their formation inevitable. Recycling is a wise way of dealing with plastic waste problem as it has both monetary and environmental benefits. The wastes are collected cleaned and reprocessed to make new products. These products if engineered will provide the same performance at much lower cost of production and lower raw materials and natural resources consumption.

Development of an Industrial Design Workflow to Incorporate 3D Scanning for Manufacturing Tooling Processes

Today's modern industries aim at supplying premium quality products that can offer added performance value, lower weight, less environmental impact, decreased manufacturing and maintenance costs, increased durability and safety, and eventually higher customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. To achieve these goals, new-engineered materials such as glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRPs) are rapidly replacing traditional single materials such as steel and aluminum.

Investigation of electrochemical post-processing procedure for Ti-6Al-4V lattice structure manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Additive manufacturing that is commonly called 3D printing has been identified as the 3rd industrial revolution because the outstanding flexibility that it brings to designer in the industry. Because the part is printed layer by layer, almost any complex geometry that can?t be made by conventional methods can be fabricated in a wide range of material like polymer, metal and ceramics. On the other hand, a major drawback of this technology limits its application in real engineering scenario in the industry and it?s the surface roughness of the printed part.