Chemical foaming of glass fiber reinforced recycled PET (rPET) and the injection molding performance of the foamable compound

Plastic wastes are a burden to municipal waste managements and have adverse environmental effects. But the daily increase in production of packaging materials and plastic parts make their formation inevitable. Recycling is a wise way of dealing with plastic waste problem as it has both monetary and environmental benefits. The wastes are collected cleaned and reprocessed to make new products. These products if engineered will provide the same performance at much lower cost of production and lower raw materials and natural resources consumption.

Development of an Industrial Design Workflow to Incorporate 3D Scanning for Manufacturing Tooling Processes

Today's modern industries aim at supplying premium quality products that can offer added performance value, lower weight, less environmental impact, decreased manufacturing and maintenance costs, increased durability and safety, and eventually higher customer satisfaction and market competitiveness. To achieve these goals, new-engineered materials such as glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRPs) are rapidly replacing traditional single materials such as steel and aluminum.

Investigation of electrochemical post-processing procedure for Ti-6Al-4V lattice structure manufactured by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Additive manufacturing that is commonly called 3D printing has been identified as the 3rd industrial revolution because the outstanding flexibility that it brings to designer in the industry. Because the part is printed layer by layer, almost any complex geometry that can?t be made by conventional methods can be fabricated in a wide range of material like polymer, metal and ceramics. On the other hand, a major drawback of this technology limits its application in real engineering scenario in the industry and it?s the surface roughness of the printed part.

Optical short reach interconnect

In the era of ‘BIG DATA’ and ‘Internet of Everything’, in order to provide the meshed data network with high capacity, advanced optical short reach interconnect technology are eagerly required. Silicon photonics has attracted intensive interest as it succeeded to provide highly energy efficient and broadband width integrated photonic devices on one chip to satisfy the requirements of optical interconnect. One of the problems is that silicon always requires an off-chip light source as silicon cannot emit efficiently.

The Science of Body Sugaring – Part 2

Sugarbush Spa is a London-based company that specializes in the removal of unwanted body hair by a method known as sugaring. The method, used for centuries in the Middle East, has several notable advantages over traditional waxing. Commercially available sugaring pastes suffer from inconsistency in production and unsatisfactory performance. At its core, the creation of sugaring paste is a synthetic organic chemical reaction, hydrolyzing the disaccharide sucrose to the two monosaccharides glucose and fructose.

Powder Morphology Effect Assessment on Cold Spray Process for Repair and Additive Manufacturing Applications

Cold Spray is a coating additive manufacturing process relying on the particle kinetic, with particles plastically deforming upon impact with the substrate and adhering to it. While the production of thin aluminum/aluminum alloys coatings (below 1mm) by Cold Spray is fairly common, the production of thick coatings (> 1mm) and large net-shape parts has been more challenging. Equispheres patent-pending atomization technology produces free-flowing, uniform spherical metal powders, with narrow particle size distribution, excellent sphericity and flowability.

Advance Silicon-based lithium-ion batteries

In this project, an advanced silicon-based lithium ion battery will be manufactured. The expected energy density is 750-1000Wh/L and cycle life is about 2000 time (capacity remaining rate>80%), which means the working time of your cell phone, laptop can be extended to 3-5 times on a charge and they can maintain a good working condition even it has been used over 5-8 years. The best news is that you don’t need to pay extra. Through this study, the manufacture technology of the silicon-based electrode will be developed from laboratory level to application.

Structural design of aerospace composites with Hybrid Fibre Architectures

Continuous fibre (CF) aerospace preforms exhibiting excellent mechanical performance possess low formability characteristics and are confined to simple shell-like geometries with minimal curvatures. On the other hand, short fibre preforms such as randomly oriented strands (ROS) offer high formability but exhibit low mechanical performance. The manufacturing of composites involves time and huge costs.

High Speed Determination of Tulip Bulb Pose Using Computer Vision

The cost of labour makes up almost a third of the operating costs for greenhouse, nursery and floriculture operations. Many growers are seeking ways of automating labour intensive processes to reduce their exposure to increasing minimum wages and shortages of available labour. Planting flower bulbs is an example of one such process.

Developing and Investigating of Glass FRP Composite Electrical and Telecommunication Towers, Poles, and H-frames

The existing utility infrastructures in Canada and the United States are struggling with hard environmental conditions. They are made of wood, steel, or concrete which sustain many problems under the effects of weather. Therefore, most of these infrastructures are in need of renewal within a few years of their construction. Currently, the industry trend is to build infrastructures to be more reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable for longer times. New infrastructures made of composite materials with high durable characteristics represent a viable alternative to the current materials.