“Tincan” decision support tool for grain crop storage and conditioning activities.

Create an automated “on line” decision tree for crop conditioning that allows predict and control the behavior of key indicators during the grain storage by Identifying the main factors that are related to the drying and storage of grain as well as the relations between those factors.

New strategies to improve the use of the predatory bug, Orius insidiosus, to control Western Flower Thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis, in greenhouse ornamental crops

Successful use of biological control agents for thrips control has been documented in greenhouse vegetables, such as sweet peppers, but thus far has provided inconsistent results for ornamentals. The proposed research will investigate how to improve the performance of the biological control agent - O. insidiosus biocontrol, against western flower thrips through the use of banker plants and adding supplemental food to promote a more sustainable management strategy.

Management, host pathogenicity, and rapid identification of Magnaporthe poae, causal agent of summer patch on annual bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass turf.

This project is designed to determine best management practices for a devastating disease of turfgrass that is currently controlled primarily by multiple fungicide applications. By assessing appropriate cultural practices aimed at reducing disease development it is our hope that we can reduce fungicide applications for this disease.

Estimation of Production Cost for Chicken Broiler Producers in Saskatchewan

The objective of this research is to estimate the total production cost and its components for chicken producers in Saskatchewan, with different technologies and size, using a survey analysis. The results of this research are expected to provide a ranking on efficiency of different technologies and scales of production (efficiency in terms of both total production cost as well as the cost of different factors like feed, medicine…). Thus, the results can indicate to what extent the chicken broiler industry in Saskatchewan is profitable and economically efficient.