Understanding the Role of Ex Situ Conservation to Enhance Public Understanding, Awareness, and Support for Biodiversity

The purpose of this research is to use an evidence-based approach to further the Toronto Zoo’s social science and education programs, in order to support in situ conservation and biodiversity in relation to Canadian goals and the Aichi Targets. Using a collaborative approach this research will result in the co-production of knowledge, where the researcher and the partner organization collaborate in all four stages of the research project. This project is mutually beneficial for the researcher and the partner organization.

The Impact of Cultural and Economic Factors on Play and Purchase Decisions for Tabletop Games

Wiggles 3D is a company that has set its goal to create relevant, inclusive, and entertaining tabletops games that are accessible to all who may find them of interest. However, much of game research has focused on a user group’s life stage or the occasion at which a game is played, while not so much on cultural aspects, such as players’ ethnicity or the cultural context of their lifestyle.

Examining the effectiveness of a feminist framed transformational leadership development program for young female coaches in university/college athletics

The project aims to examine the effectiveness of a leadership development program to increase competence and confidence of Female Apprentice Coaches to lead in sport in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. Th leadership development program looks to increase knowledge and practice of effective leadership skills while addressing common barriers women face in sport and sport leadership. The process also engages key sport leaders in the FAC environment including respective mentor coaches and athletic directors.

Broken Promises: Museum Exhibit Development during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Broken Promises is the capstone output of Landscapes of Injustice, a multi-year, intersectoral project exploring the dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the 1940s. The project illustrates the violation of human and civil rights at a time of perceived insecurity; measures taken in the name of national defence; the enduring harm of mass displacement, and loss of home and property; and human resilience. The traveling exhibit is one of the major research outputs of the project.

Fall and Head Impact Acceleration Monitoring of Short Track Speed Skaters

Short track speed skating is a fast-paced sport where athletes routinely reach speed above 50 km/h. It is one of the leading Canadian sports for medal count at the Olympic games. Unfortunately, given the fast-paced and pack-style skating, athletes often fall on the ice, which may lead to concussion. There is no clear data on the incidence of falls in short track speed skating, nor is there a clear understanding of the mechanism of head impact.

Therefore, this project will track the incidence of falls and measure head impacts that may lead to concussion using ‘smart’ mouth guards.

Abolitionist Dream-Mapping

We live in a world where prisons are seen as a necessary condition for public safety and accountability. But there were no prisons on Turtle Island prior to colonization! The abolitionist dr eam of a world without prisons is grounded in a concrete historical context. This project both recovers and invents decolonial abolitionist methods for dismantling colonial institutions like prisons and jails, and for building freer, healthier, and more just communities.

Visual Analytics Methods to Support Sensemaking under Ambiguity in Avalanche Forecasting

Analysis of complex systems involves much more than what is evident in data alone. Background knowledge and experience are used to inform interpretation. Often this results in ambiguity, a state where multiple potential interpretations must be considered and evaluated. When analysis is shared these challenges are compounded by the complexity of communication. Ambiguity is common in avalanche forecasting.

A participatory approach to redeveloping coach and volunteer online training modules: A Special Olympics context

"On-going coach and volunteer training are essential to providing high-quality, evidence-informed practices in sport settings. This study aims to extend Special Olympics Ontario and Special Olympics Canada's online training platform for coaches and volunteers by working with athletes with intellectual disabilities, current Special Olympics coaches, and families of Special Olympics athletes.

Synchrotron imaging of Saskatchewan amber and dinosaur fossils

Saskatchewan has a rich Late Cretaceous fossil record (~66 million years ago), which provides opportunities to study both fossilized resin (amber) and dinosaur skeletons from shared habitats. Synchrotron X-rays are a powerful new tool that can be used to CT scan fossils and create 3D models of microscopic structures, and to map out the chemistry of preserved material. The proposed project will use synchrotron techniques to 3D-model insects in amber for new species descriptions, and to explore how soft tissues are preserved within these specimens.

The Impact of Sustained Time in Human Care on the Migratory Behaviour of the Endangered Loggerhead Shrike

Our research will assess the degree to which variation in migratory behavior in Loggerhead Shrike is altered due to sustained periods of captivity. Information will be obtained from a captive population of Loggerhead Shrike. Behaviour of captive birds will be recorded on video cameras and analyzed to determine the level of migratoriness displayed by differently aged birds. The pedigree (i.e. relatedness) of each bird will be used for analyses of heritability of migratory behaviour.