Understanding Montreal festival soundscapes

Quartier des spectacles is a dense multi-cultural hub with large outdoor festivals, also housing an ever-growing residential population due to new high-rise development projects. Given the need to balance vitality with quality of life, this project focuses on expectations of residents and festivalgoers in terms of their sound environment.

Adapting Human Performance Techniques, Illusion Aesthetics, and Specialized Apparatus from the World of Stage Conjuring to Contemporary Circus Disciplines - Year two

The vast majority of performance techniques, illusion aesthetics, and specialized apparatuses used by stage conjurors are still unknown and remain unexplored by the circus world. The tacit knowledge that magicians exchange amongst themselves is rarely transferred to members outside of their subculture, which leads to creative stagnation in their communities and beyond. The purpose of this project is to create an intensive and sustained collaboration between North American illusion experts and elite circus artists to produce new physical vocabulary for new equipment.

Production of in vitro and in vivo bison embryos derived from sexed semen

In mammals, the sperm determines the sex of the resulting offspring. Semen sexing is a process whereby sperm are sorted into Y- (male) or X-chromosome (female) bearing gametes. Sexed semen may be used for artificial insemination or in vitro embryo production to create offspring of a desired sex. In a zoo setting, fewer males are required because of their ability to breed multiple females.

2020 International Ice Hockey Federation Women’s World Championship: Legacy Development Project

The International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Women’s World Championship tournament is the most significant women’s hockey event outside of the Winter Olympic Games. International events like this are often considered to bring benefits to the local sport community; however, research has systematically demonstrated that hosting alone will not guarantee a legacy.

Evaluation of Clustering Methods on Game Play Data

The goal of the project is to evaluate several clustering algorithms on players’ styles data in the context of Video
Lottery Terminals (VLTs). The previous work has shown that by segmenting anonymous player data by
sessions, and then clustering the sessions using the simple k-means algorithm, we can get a descriptive
statistic on player styles, including problem gambling behavior, recreational player styles, and similar. An open
question is whether the preprocessing techniques were optimal for this purpose and whether the k-means
algorithm is the most appropriate algorithm.

The interplay between mental health, mental illness, sport culture, and athletic performance in Olympic and Paralympic sport

Mental health is increasingly being recognized as a key component of elite athletes’ overall functioning and sport performance. Globally, research on antecedents (e.g., sport culture) and consequences (e.g., athletic performance) of mental health and illness in elite athlete populations is growing. However, little is known about the relationship between mental health, mental illness, sport culture, and athletic performance in the Canadian high-performance sport context.

Stories Incarnate: Using Body-tracking/Body-Sensing Technology to Create Interactive Narrative Experiences for Audiences

Ryerson’s Synaesthetic Media Lab is working with Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group’s creative design studio, 4U2C, to develop several ways for audiences to meaningfully interact with live performance. This project is looking at how tracking sensors, computer vision, and digital displays can be used to track audience movements and/or emotions for audiences to be able to participate in the storytelling of a live show.

Evaluating the Quality of Special Olympics Canada’s Active Start and FUNdamentals Programs

The proposed research project aims to better enable positive sport experiences for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by improving the quality of sports programs offered. In order to accomplish this objective, the study will evaluate the quality of two sport programs - Active Start and FUNdamentals - within the largest intellectual and developmental disability sport organization in Canada, Special Olympics.

Designing an urban analytics prototype for the measurement of temporary public space projects

Our parks, public spaces and their activations can catalyze neighborhoods to build connections and create stronger communities. However, it is often challenging to measure the impact and value of these projects, at a neighbourhood level.

Masters Athlete Screening Study (MASS) - Part 2 (5-year evaluation)

Masters athletes (>35 years) are a rapidly growing population that participate in a variety of sports. While exercise has tremendous health benefits, there is a small absolute risk of a heart attack and sudden death during exercise. Prevention strategies, such as heart screening aim to identify heart disease that may serve as a trigger for fatal adverse events. This will be the first prospective longitudinal study in Canada examining the effectiveness of heart screening in Masters athletes.