Lower Cost Forging Control

Turbine discs are critical rotating parts of aircraft turbofan jet engines and are manufactured as separate units. In order for production acceptance of the forging technique used to manufacture turbine discs, a large amount of testing is conducted. This testing completed on raw materials and finished products includes a series of tensile and Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) specimen testing. Based on the test data, this proposed research aims to determine a relationship between tensile properties and LCF life.

Modified GLARE using GRIP Metal™ Technology

Nucap developed a new bonding technology (GRIP Metal™) that has been primarily used to connect backing plates with braking pads used in automotive disk braking systems. Nucap wishes to explore the technology towards different applications. In this proposal, fibre metal laminates used in the aerospace industry, in particular, GLARE (glass laminate aluminum reinforced epoxy) will be investigated experimentally (tensile, shearing, and impact tests) and compared against modified GLARE with GRIP Metal™ technology.

DFT calculation of H abstraction reactions of phenyl-?-naphtylamine with alkyperoxy radicals

Lubricating oil degradation is a ubiquitous problem in industrial machinery. In general, this process includes the thermal breakdown, oxidation, and polymerization of the oil molecules as they turn into undesirable by-products while the lubricant ages. Primary antioxidants, also known as radical scavengers, are regularly added to the lubricant to remove the initial peroxy and alkyl radicals. As a large number of industrial applications rely on the use of such additives, it is therefore very important to have solid knowledge of the efficiency of each type of antioxidant molecule.

Structural, Vibrations and Aerodynamic Analysis of Composite Trailer Tail System

The proposed project is to develop a design tool box with the cooperation R&D team in Transtex Composite, research fellow and academic supervisor. The design toolbox help the engineers in design department of Transtex Composite to design the trailer tail structure based on finite element analysis to be developed by research fellow. Therefore, this package saves time and design cost for different trailers which is added value for Transtex Composites.

Evaluation of strength loss in heat affected zone of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy welded joints and it’s improvement by local post weld-heat treatment

Bombardier Transport (BT) is one of world major companies in the transport industry. The application of aluminum in the structure of transport vehicles (cars, trains, ships, etc.) is continuously increasing mainly due to the benefits in weight saving. Therefore BT is also working extensively in implementing the use of aluminum alloys in its products. Welding is one of the major manufacturing techniques used in the structure of transport vehicles. One of the common welding problems in aluminum alloys is the strength loss in heat affected zone (HAZ).

Spatial and Temporal Linear Induction Motor Harmonics

Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) are used in a significant portion of existing rail transport systems, and Bombardier Transport Canada Inc. is a global leader in the industry. LIMs will be ever more important in the future with the expansion of Maglevs globally. In this project, the intern will explore the mathematical models used in designing LIMs. The main objective will be improving the mathematical treatment in order to increase the efficiency of LIMs and eliminate or minimize undesirable effects such as overheating.

Design and Testing of Innovative Precast Concrete Structures for Railway Infrastructures using FRP Reinforcement and Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

SYM-TECH Inc. is looking to develop new corrosion-free precast concrete members (sleepers and piles) reinforced with fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) rods and using fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) for railway foundation applications. Such precast concrete members are usually reinforced with conventional or pre stressed steel reinforcements. Steel bars and strands used for reinforcement have a limited service life due to corrosion when exposed to environmental conditions observed in North America.

The Effects of Changing Sound Regimes in the Natural Environment on Marine Mammals in the Arctic: A Decision Support Tool

Marine Mammals depend on sound for survival, whether for communicating with each other or for hunting for food. Human produced (Anthropogenic) sound such as from shipping, military SONAR, coastal development and oil and gas exploration, development and extraction, can all interrupt and disturb marine mammals. As sea ice begins to melt sooner and for longer due to climate change, the Arctic has become more accessible and therefore become targeted by industry for development and expansion.

The Importance of Inuit Participation in the Development of an Offshore Oil and Gas Policy in Nunavut

The intern will begin her project by conducting independent research on policy development, Inuit engagement, and the development of the offshore oil and gas industry in Nunavut for the month of May. She will then travel to Iqaluit for the month of June to complete a work term with the Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA). Throughout this work term, the intern will analyze and review an offshore oil and gas policy prepared by Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., and provide the QIA with a report outlining the strength and weaknesses of the policy based on QIA’s mandate.

Development of Gesture-based interfaces for in-vehicle information systems

Driver distraction has long been a critical issue drawing substantial amount of research effort. In order to reduce driver distraction for improved driving performance and safety, automotive suppliers have been endeavoring to provide optimum user interaction solutions. Until recent years, there have been growing interests in the use of gestural interfaces for in-vehicle information systems; however, little is known about how such gesture-based interactions differ from existing touch- and voice-based interactions in the context of driver distraction.