Synthèse de nouveaux revêtements polymériques plus adhérents

Le développement de revêtements à deux composantes nécessite l’ajout d’autres produits couteux afin d’augmenter leur adhérence à la surface du substrat. Ce projet de recherche portera sur le développement de nouveaux revêtements qui aura une meilleure adhérence sans ajout d’autres produits. Cela permettra à SophiChem Inc. de diminuer les couts de production de ses revêtements sans compromettre leur efficacité.  De plus les utilisateurs finaux de ces produits réduiraient de beaucoup leur temps de travail.

A Novel Solvent-free Approach for Production of Bean Protein Fractions

The fast-growing market demand for food products with high nutritional qualities requires innovative and sustainable technologies. The proposed process employs an electrostatic technique to selectively charge proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and other components in the bean flour and separate them based on the magnitude and type of their charge. The proposed methodology produces protein-rich flour from beans without using solvents or chemicals which significantly reduces the capital and operating costs.

CADSIM Plus simulator, evolutionary algorithms, rule based expert system, neural network

In industries, chemical processes involve different plants running in parallel with different production rates under the strict constraints on available resources. Therefore, events like shutdown of one or more plants, operating plants with different production grades with flexible run length time, equipment utilization rates of different plants etc. are vital to be studied, scheduled, and optimized. CADSIM Plus is a popular software which simulates different chemical processes in industries and thus ensures an effective production in practice.

Development of a new sample introduction system for inductively coupled plasma spectrometry

Numerous industries and government agencies carry out analyses every day using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) instruments that typically waste 95% of the sample. A greener approach would not generate any sample waste. During this project, an infrared heated pre-evaporation tube will be developed and coupled to nebulizers from the industrial partner so as to allow 100% sample introduction.

Net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide over agricultural fields near Lacombe, Alberta

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Campbell Scientific Canada Corp. (CSC) have been operating an “eddy covariance” meteorological tower near Lacombe, Alberta that measures the flux of carbon dioxide (CO2) between agricultural fields and the atmosphere. This tower provides high frequency data that is used to assess plant growth and decomposition across large fields which is critical for understanding local crop viability and the role of Canadian agriculture in the global carbon cycle.