Screening of natural compounds for their anti-glycation activity on collagen fibrils using biochemical and biomechanical assays

Since the beginning of recorded time, humans have been developing ways to make themselves more beautiful or otherwise change their appearance. The hair-care industry itself has a huge global economic power: its estimated total value is $47B annually. However, beauty does not come without a price: methods currently being used for hair colouring and styling damage hair greatly. More importantly, they involve treatments that have negative effects on human and environmental health.

Exploration of Innovative Digital Consumer Research and Marketing Strategies

This project will analyze the current digital marketing strategy for an online jewelry seller. With this, a better understanding of the current competitive environment of online jewelry retailing will be developed, different customer profiles will be identified, and shopping behaviors will be identified. Finally, the research will examine the impact of online shopping experience on jewelry shopping
behavior. Based on the findings, new digital marketing and branding strategies will be recommended.

Development of a organic infant food line using High Pressure Processing technology

Health Canada recommends that at six months of age, babies start consuming nutritious ironrich foods such as meat. These foods must be adequately prepared in order to be safe for consumption. However, preparation of homemade food is not always possible. This project aims to develop a line of baby food using high pressure processing (HPP), a novel technology that preserves nutrients but reduces microbes in food.

Active ingredients and key antioxidants in natural skincare products

Intern will be determining active ingredients in Iceberg mist which is a toner based on iceberg water. Several tests will be conducted to determine the antioxidant potential of this product. The partner organization will be able to make a claim on the product using the information based on this project which will help in marketing and sales. Intern will also study antioxidant enzyme activities as well as antioxidant metabolites in other botanical samples including some specific berries and their leaves. Chaga and Birch sap will also be studied for their antioxidant potential.

Carbon thin-films for cosmetic jewellery applications: Year 2

Thin-films of carbon are finding use in a wide variety of military, industrial, and commercial applications. Arnell Workshop Inc., a West Kelowna, British Columbia-based cosmetic jewellery manufacturer, is using thin-films of carbon in order to coat titanium rings. As of the present moment, they are using an American firm in order to perform these depositions.

The Science of Body Sugaring

Sugarbush Spa is a London-based company that specializes in the removal of unwanted body hair by a method known as sugaring. The method, used for centuries in the Middle East, has several notable advantages over traditional waxing. Commercially available sugaring pastes suffer from inconsistency in production and unsatisfactory performance. At its core, the creation of sugaring paste is a synthetic organic chemical reaction, hydrolyzing the disaccharide sucrose to the two monosaccharides glucose and fructose.

Determining chocolate antioxidants by infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis

Chocolates have a rich source of dietary phenolic compounds and antioxidants. During chocolate manufacture, the antioxidant capacity and procyanidin content in cocoa can be affected by a variety of processing conditions. Therefore, a rapid and less expensive method to determine chocolate antioxidants is highly demanded in confectionery industry. As a nondestructive tool, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy coupled with multivariate analysis is an ideal candidate to address this technique challenges in chocolate industry.

Farm to Fork: DNA traceability of poultry meat in North America Year Two

In the recent years, the concern for food safety and quality has been on the increase. This concern is escalated by media reports of food alteration, which in turn reduces the consumers’ confidence in food safety and the reliability of labelling. As such, traceability in agricultural/food chain is an essential tool to increase consumers’ trust. Although various traceability systems are currently in place, challenges exist in maintaining farm to fork traceability, thereby highlighting the need for development of reliable tools for food analysis.

Conception et création d’un nouveau matériau issu de la fusion du verre et d’un autre solide (céramique, verre…)

Les verres d’oxydes occupent présentement une place considérable dans tous les secteurs industriels. L’intérêt majeur de ces verres réside dans leur large éventail de propriétés grâce à la possibilité de créer des objets personnalisés pour répondre aux demandes d'une application particulière. De ce fait, l’innovation est essentielle pour découvrir des nouveaux verres qui peuvent être utilisés dans diverses applications où les verres de silice classiques ont déjà atteint leurs limites de performance.

Fundamental understanding of brewing phenomena and shelf-life extension of single-serve coffee

Brewing of premium coffee in single-serve capsule is challenging due to many design and machine constraints. Moreover, parameters that affect the brew quality are not fully understood. By collaborating with Mother Parkers Tea