Exploring the commercial application of genetically engineered microalgae strains for the production of high valued metabolites for aquaculture fish feed

With the demand for high quality farmed fish on the rise, we are also expected to deliver on greater supplies of fish feed. Currently, fish feed is manufactured by capturing small foraging fish in the ocean, which are converted into pellets. This practice hinders marine life by disrupting the natural food chain of larger fish. The proposed research aims to use microalgae as an alternative to forage fish. We aim to accomplish this by using genetic engineering tools to upregulate the production of nutrients that are necessary for fish growth and quality.

Indigenizing ‘Equine Assisted Learning’: developing and evidencing Syilx horseculture based youth wellness programs

Horses have long held special cultural, spiritual and economic importance in many Indigenous North American cultures, offering teaching, healing and connection to the environment. There is research which supports the value of ‘equine therapy’ and even some that highlights the usefulness of equine assisted interventions for Indigenous ‘clients’, but this project is the first to work from the ground up, working with Indigenous horse culture knowledge to develop and document the development of an Indigenous horse-culture-based wellness program.

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Entrepreneurship

Educators and Entrepreneurs often live in two separate worlds, but the reality is, many entrepreneurs cross into the role of educators when they begin offering learning experiences to their customers. This research project, Bridging the Gap Between Education and Entrepreneurship, aims to address the problem of subject matter experts not knowing how to turn their knowledge into digestible learning experiences for participants.

Correlating Manager Interpersonal Skills with Team Psychological Safety

Psychological safety has been consistently linked to positive workplace outcomes, including increased team learning and task performance (Edmondson, 1999; Newman et al., 2017). Previous research focusing on the development of psychological safety has identified several of its antecedents (Frazier et al., 2017). For instance, leaders have been found to play a critical role in shaping the psychological safety climate within the work teams (Nemanich & Vera, 2009; Nembhard & Edmondson, 2006).

Engaging students to maximize the online learning experience

Using simplified language understandable to a layperson, provide a general, one-paragraph description of the proposed research project to be undertaken by the intern(s) as well as the expected benefit to the partner organization. (100-150 words)EDUCO Education Inc. (EDUCO) operates with a mission to revolutionize learning techniques and provide state-of-the-art learning resources for students to push education in the right direction. This research will focus on understanding precisely how students become engaged in an online setting.

Enhancing Student Competency and Engagement Through Microlearning: Effectively Scaffolding Skill Development

Learning technologies now exist that give students practice thinking critically and creatively, communicating and collaborating, and gaining an insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses. In the case of a technology called peerScholar, that exercise happens as students give feedback and then learn from feedback effectively. Giving effective constructive feedback and learning from the feedback applied to one’s own work are both very challenging tasks.

Designing State of the Art Web Applications to Support Music Education

This project will examine the potential of interactive, digital online resources to assist teachers in introducing, increasing and/or improving music instruction in their classrooms, particularly if they are not music specialists. The research will focus on how such tools can promote student-centered, teacher-facilitated learning models, examining their capacity to meaningfully engage students, meet curricular objectives, and provide teachers with confidence-building training opportunities. The web-based software resources in question have been created by Whacky Wizards Music Inc.

AK Platform – Soft skills learning as a key resource for faster job placement

Canada, a country composed presently of 20 percentage of immigrants, aims to be a world leader in global problem-solving. To do so, and to draw from the insights and ingenuity of the immigrant population, requires that Canadian organizations develop faster and more effective ways of adapting newcomers into the labor market. Especially, as extant research has found, that skilled immigrant workers are presently constrained within the labor market and this restricts Canadian organizational performance and curtails Canada's competitiveness.

Evaluating Quantum Search Applicability to NP-Hard Problems in Industry

Quantum computers, that is, computers that exploit quantum mechanical phenomena to process information, have been shown to theoretically perform some computations faster than the best available methods on traditional computers. One widely applicable quantum computing technique is quantum search which offers an improvement to the problem of finding a needle in a digital haystack. Despite its wide applicability, the usefulness of quantum search to performing any single computational task must often be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Appraising Medical School Admissions Tools for Implicit Bias

This research considers the diversity profile of applicants to medical schools across Canada and with specific respect to the Undergraduate MD Program at McMaster University and contemplates the degree of potential implicit bias inherent to medical school admissions systems. In particular, this work will seek to understand the degree of statistical association between applicant social identity characteristics and performance on merit-based admissions tools operationalized by medical school admissions committees.