PeerScholar in the K-12 Educational System

This project explored the effectiveness of an educational technology called peerScholar, which is an online peer-assessment tool used to enhance student learning. To date, all of the findings on peerScholar have focused on the development of critical thinking skills at the University level. However, given that learning begins earlier, the proposed research will examine the effectiveness of peer-assessment, via peerScholar, throughout Grades 9 to 12. The goal Is to replicate, and to extend, the peer-assessment findings with younger students.

Best Practices in Business Education

This project will focus on experiential education and how it can be used to enhance the learning processes at Blyth Education. As an introduction to the subject, the report will explore current literature surrounding the topics of ‘Experiential Education’ and ‘Business Education’. The project will then turn its focus to Blyth Education, and identify the various experiential teaching tools it uses in its programs. Particular attention will be paid to the ‘International Business’ trip and the novel approaches it will be using for the first time.

A Foundational Mathematics Course: Design, Implementation and Evaluation

This project will produce material, in the form of lesson plans, instructional guides and practice sheets, appropriate for a college-level foundational mathematics course and will monitor its effectiveness during an implementation at on Ontario college in the fall semester, 2009. Once completed, the material will become part of JUMP's growing body of course materials. It is hoped that the material will prove effective in addressing the mathematics requirement of college students and will be adopted at more institutions, fulfilling JUMP's goal of "[promoting] a numerate society".

An Oral History of the Hamilton Waterworks

This project aims to understand the relationship between the history of Hamilton’s waterworks and the greater Hamilton community. It will be based on oral interviews with past employees and will be presented to the community using digital technologies to enhance its accessibility. By focusing on themes of water safety, water pollution and water conservation the project will link the past to the present and provide an excellent opportunity for the Hamilton Museum of Steam Technology to become both more visible and active in their community.

A Folklife Festival for Newfoundland and Labrador: Issues in the Presentation of Culture in Festival Events

The intern will work with the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador (HFNL) on a research project to create a model for an annual Intangible Cultural Heritage Folklife Festival. The student will organize and oversee a one‐day festival, and will focus on creating a framework for appropriate cultural presentations following a festival format, sensitive to the needs of grassroots cultural groups.

Three-dimensional (3D) imaging libraries for the creation of virtual human models for use in education in the health

3D imaging is becoming an increasingly popular and important too in medical education. The anatomy is the founation for all health sciences and all groups of health professionals. Medical/dental students, pharmacists, physicians assistants, nurses, medical rehabilitation professionals, human biology and even arts students, will receive some form of anatomy training during their professional career. 3D virutal anatomy teaching facilitates the understanding of spatial structural relationships and facilitates a significantly enhanced and sustainable learning experience.

StepWise: Using New Technology to Connect First Nations Youth for Friendship and Fitness

StepWise originated as a project created for the FOBIT (Faculty of Business Information Technology) event at the University Centre, February 28, 2008. Subsequently the project won 1st place for Best New Health-Related Idea in the 2008 IDC Ideas Competition. The StepWise concept involves a novel and unique usage of dance pads and free downloadable dance software. Although dance gaming technology has existed for some time, it has not previously been used to connect youth with each other via a webcam and web connection. PacifiConnections Inc.