An exploratory study of Asian International Students‘ experiences in Ontario Schools

A rapid increase in the number of Asian international students attending K-12 schools has led to the investigation of the complex, multi-layered aspects of the life experience and needs of Asian international students in Ontario schools. Working closely with View-Wide International Education Group and using multiple case studies, this study will explore the factor of facilitating their transition and articulate the nature and challenges of Asian international students’ experiences in adjusting to new school settings in Ontario.

Putting the science of literacy into the hands of Canadians

Ensuring high levels of literacy for all children is now more important than ever. However, the Canadian landscape of literacy is quickly changing. For instance, Canadian families come from increasingly multilingual and multicultural backgrounds and the use of technology and digital media in literacy is growing rapidly. In this Mitacs project, we have partnered with Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation to answer important questions as to how parents can best support the development of their children’s reading skills.

A Toolkit for Analyzing Online Conversations for Solutions Based Policy Development

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2014 Synthesis Report states that “substantial [greenhouse gas] emissions reductions over the next few decades can reduce climate risks in the 21st century and beyond, increase prospects for effective adaptation, reduce the costs and challenges of mitigation in the longer term, and contribute to climate-resilient pathways for sustainable development.” Yet, despite this imperative, energy conversations in Canada have become fragmented and polarized (Kevins & Soroka, 2018; Lefsrud et al., 2015) for renewable (Hoberg, 2019) and non-renewable en

User research, design, and creation of an inclusive digital physical and mental wellness game

The physical and mental health of Canadian youth is one of the greatest issues facing the country today. This project partners Mitacs with X Movement to create a digital game that promotes emotional, physical, and social wellness for kids. A special emphasis is being placed on inclusion across many marginalized groups such as disabled people, racialized people, and those in low income communities. The project will follow a three stage format. First, we will consult with users to make sure the digital game can be as inclusive as possible. Second, we will design prototypes of the digital game.

COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Transition Project

As people and institutions around the world are incurring the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, education has felt a large blow.

Using a mobile application to support at-risk student re-entry into post-secondary education in the era of COVID-19

The aim of this 2-year project is to do research to inform the development of, and fully test and develop a mobile application designed to improve the experience of (particularly at-risk) post-secondary (PSE) students in addressing COVID-19-related issues. Our key concern is that COVID-19 has not only disrupted important and significant developmental experiences that improve student experience and success, but it has also caused challenges in students’ lives away from university that will spill over into their experience of being post-secondary students.

Do socio-demographic and parenting factors moderate the impact of the HIPPY program on children’s school readiness?

The purpose of this project is to assess the impact of a home-based education program for preschool-aged children called the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY). This program aims to increase school readiness of children deemed educationally “at-risk” by reason of family poverty, parent education levels, family isolation, settlement issues, and/or English language skills. 13% of HIPPY participants are refugees, 70% are newcomers to Canada, and 12% are Indigenous.

Data Science in Pilot Performance Assessment

Automatically assessing a pilot performance during a flight training session is a capability that can enhance the flight instructor during his duty. From data gathered during a flight maneuver, we are looking for a way to automatically assess pilot performance to augment instructor performance and provide objectivity during flight training assessment.

Challenge and Virtual Environment Research to support Social and Economic Recovery from the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted the social and economic fabric of communities around the world. This has profound implications for the sustainability and innovation challenges those communities are facing, and for the higher education institutions and professional educational businesses who have missions to prepare and support those communities to tackle those challenges.
This research will identify, document and generate recommendations for addressing several aspects of the social and economic disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Filling the learning gaps caused by the pandemic: Supporting teachers and their diverse students with digital technology

The closure of schools across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed significant gaps in educational provision. In addition, K-12 teachers have had difficulty finding learning resources related to the programs they are responsible for teaching. When students fall behind in school, they develop a learning gap with their peers. Learning gaps are relatively common and invariably require, at some point, a strategy to help the student catch up.