Long term modelling of power prices

Power prices are a significant contributor to the overall risk of almost any large-scale industry. In particular, energy companies such as TransAlta who are active participants in many regional power markets have a strong interest in understanding the long-term risks they are exposed to. This project seeks to develop a model that will help TransAlta to understand some of the uncertainty in medium  to long-term power prices in California, the Pacific northwest, and Alberta.

Characterization and application of multidimensional coherent imaging systems for monitoring and control of laser welding

Inline coherent imaging (ICI) may be used to take real-time one dimensional measurements of laser material processes such as industrial laser welding. Multidimensional coherent imaging and measurement of the vapour capillary (or 'keyhole') created during the welding process is a critical evolution of the technology for implementation in manufacturing production addressing many needs. This project will investigate and attempt to implement multidimensional ICI in an imaging system for real world applications.

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Core-Shell Pt Catalysts

Presently, platinum (Pt) nanoparticles are required to catalyze the desired redox reactions at the anode and cathode of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). The high cost of this precious metal catalyst remains a barrier to the wide spread commercialization of PEMFCs, particularly for automotive applications. In an effort to reduce the Pt loading in PEMFCs, this research project is focused on the design of novel catalysts which consist of a 1-2 monolayer “shell” of Pt on a less expensive metal which acts as a “core”.

Novel modeling and simulation algorithms of interconnected AC and multiterminal DC grids for power flow and transient stability analyses

This research is aimed at the development of new modeling and simulation algorithms of interconnected AC and DC supergrids for power flow and transient stability analyses. The efforts will be focused on the following technical areas:

Exploring energy disaggregation techniques for application on low resolution energy data from non-residential properties

Reducing energy consumption is one of many ways to respond to our urgent global need to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. To do so, it is important to identify the most effective energy saving strategies and communicate them to energy consumers. Pulse Energy is a company that works to do just that and is always looking to improve their energy saving recommendations.

Analyse comparative d’une formation en présentiel et d’une formation basée sur un jeu sérieux dans le cadre d’Hydro-Québec

Depuis quinze ans, Hydro-Québec organise des formations sur l’Initiation au code de sécurité des travaux Postes et centrales et Initiation aux risques d'induction, mise à la terre et foudre. Ces formations de trois jours s’adressent à toute personne appelée à intervenir chez Hydro-Québec. Visant un meilleur coût d’opportunité, Hydro-Québec a choisi d’intégrer une nouvelle modalité de formation constituée de deux jours de jeu sérieux suivis d’une journée en présentiel. Les jeux sérieux sont des jeux vidéo adaptés à l’enseignement.

Investigation of In-Situ Flux Effect on Hydride Properties in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes in CANDU Reactors Year Two

Zr-2.5Nb pressure tubes used in CANDU reactors are susceptible to hydride cracking-induced crack initiation mechanisms, a.k.a delayed hydride cracking or DHC and overload crack initiation. For the integrity assessment of CANDU pressure tubes, it is required to evaluate the likelihood of DHC and overload crack initiation from serviceinduced flaws and to determine whether the pressure tubes are still fit for continued service. The main focus of this proposal is to evaluate the effect of in-situ flux effect on the structure and fracture properties of zirconium hydrides.

Development of New Modeling Tools for Cathodic Protection of Galvanized Structures

Corrosion of electric power transmission and distribution (T&D) lines is a primary cause of in-service equipment degradation. This project aims at analysis, design, and implementation of efficient methods to mitigate the corrosion at T&D infrastructure assets to significantly improve the life span of aging structures, and to develop an accurate design tool for future developments.

Developing a newly tunable Phase-Mask Interferometer for Fiber Bragg Grating inscription

Fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) have attracted considerable interest in the past three decades as a key technology in different applications. The intention of this project is to develop a FBG writing technique based on a scanning tunable Phase-Mask Interferometer using different UV lasers. The project includes optimizing the tunability of the interferometer, and analyzing the specific problem situations encountered in the process in order to develop the interrogation methods of the proposed technique.

Smart Water Distribution Systems to Conserve Energy and Water Year Two

Municipal water supply pumps consume a large amount of energy and have been shown through field testing to operate at efficiencies of approximately 10% less than their original condition on average. A proprietary technique for the optimal selection of pump combinations has been preliminarily developed and can be applied without any capital improvements to the system, but rather just the implementation of affordable sensing equipment and changes to operational logic of the pumps.