Improved Circuit for Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Many governments have mandated that conventional incandescent light bulbs be phased out and replaced with fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to conserve energy and reduce cost.  However, in dimming applications, incandescent are still preferable to CFLs due to superior performance and compatibility with standard dimmer switches.  The circuit developed by the proposed research will allow consumers to experience the same dimming performance with CFLs as with incandescent, with no change to existing lighting wiring and dimming hardware.  The proposed circuit is highly efficient, cost effective and

Performance Estimation of Davis Hydro Turbine Using 3D Numerical Simulations

The goal of the proposed project is to develop a computational fluid dynamics model of the Davis hydro turbine, so that its performance can be assessed and improved before it becomes a commerically available product. A numerical implementation of the model will be used to estimate important characteristics of the turbine, such as its power coefficient, power quality, and average torque. The reliability of the mathematical model will be tested by comparing the numerical results to the experimental ones.

An Evaluation of the Coordination of Transformative Energy Efficiency and Conservation by BC Hydro and MEMPR

The purpose of this project is to a) understand how the objectives set out by the province of British Columbia to plan for and pursue long-term energy efficiency and conservation (EEC) are being coordinated between the BC Hydro, the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) and the province’s other key energy stakeholders; b) evaluate whether this is sufficient to realize the transformative levels of energy savings being sought in the province; and c) recommend changes to help increase the institutional capacity for coordinating the desired levels of energy savings.

Tools and Strategies for Multi-Stakeholder Sustainability Planning: Toronto Hydro IT Infrastructure Offices Case Study

The Sustainability Office (SO) proposes to work with Toronto Hydro's IT Infrastructure department to develop a comprehensive and integrated sustainability and energy management program. This divisional pilot will serve as a model for progress towards Toronto Hydro's sustainability goal of achieving a reduced environmental footprint operation.

Optical Properties of Mercury Arc Lamps

Mercury arc lamps are used in commercial water treatment reactors to provide ultraviolet radiation to disinfect the water or to break down chemical contaminants. These reactors may contain 50 to 100 lamps in a single vessel. In a relatively clear medium like water, a significant fraction of the radiation from one lamp is incident on neighboring lamps. The fate of this radiation is not known. The incident radiation may pass through the receiving lamp, it may be lost as heat, or it may excited the receiving mercury and be re]emitted.

Southlands Development Pre-Feasibility Energy Study

This project involves the pre]feasibility assessment of a geothermal-based district heating system for the Southlands Development Project being conducted by Century Group in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.

Finite formulation based models of overhead lines and buried cables incorporating ground interface and high-frequency effects

Being able to accurately determine the model parameters for multi-conductor overhead and underground cable systems is important for power transmission system simulation. Current analytical based methods are limited to simple configurations of conductors and employ approximations that limit their accuracy at high frequencies. In this project we develop a numerical Finite Integration based technique for calculation of transmission line parameters and for calculation of the associated electromagnetic fields.

Effect of Climate Change on the Hydroelectric Potential of the Lower Churchill River

Nalcor Energy is currently planning the development of a 2800 MW hydroelectric project on the lower Churchill River in Labrador. The Lower Churchill Project is the most attractive undeveloped hydroelectric project in North America. Hydro projects have long timelines and their viability is highly dependent on the expected hydrological regime of the watershed. Climate change is expected to alter this hydrological regime, leading to changes in the amount and timing of runoff.

Geothermal Ground Loop Performance Monitoring

The project will entail the development of a flexible and robust data acquisition and monitoring system for the large scale long-term performance evaluation of residential ground source heat pump system. The literature review will guide different alternative ground loop heat exchanger options. The expected result will provide flexible and portable hardware/software equipment and survey protocol for large-scale monitoring and evaluation of ground source heat pump systems.

Characterization of the Fuel Injection Spray Within the Ignition Quality Tester (IQTTM)

Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET) has developed a novel diesel fuel Ignition Quality Tester (IQTTM) that permits fast, precise and reliable measurements of the ignition delay and CN of diesel fuels. Precision and repeatability is paramount in the Cetane environment as refineries want the most precise instrument available in the market. More precise and repeatable Cetane number measurements provide considerable economic benefits for refineries in terms of savings of additives.