Logging, Winter Streamflow and Flooding in Twinflower Creek

The livelihood of First Nation communities and local ranchers are primarily depending on cattle raising, yet ongoing salvage logging within the catchment has the potential to compromise the watershed hydrology resulting in higher peak flows and reduced low flows jeopardizing the channel stability, road safety and water availability. The intern will carry out field investigations in recent cutblocks within the watershed during the freshet season to seek linkages between flood risks associated salvage logging.

A Macroeconomic Structural Model for CommoditiesPrices

Over the past two decades, commodities have become mainstream financial instruments. With a flux of wealth invested in commodities markets, commodities price levels have increased beyond expectations. Moreover, the commodities markets have become more volatile than ever. Understanding the nature of price changes and market movements is essential to project and investment valuations. In this project, we aim at developing a structural storage model for commodities prices. This model will be based on supply/demand and inventory levels of commodities.

Economic capital and capital allocaton modeling

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors, of which Canada is a member, has recently introduced the notions of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), as two key components of its regulatory reform. Loosely speaking, the ERM identifies, measures and monitors insurer risks while the ORSA manages them.

A Technology Management Analysis Platform

The context of emerging technologies, this project aims to develop a practical management tool that can help technology firms to fully assess new technology value proposition, formulate the risks & opportunities profile, and develop implementation plan.

Innovation Intermediary: Design Strategies for Business Incubator Modeling

TechBA Vancouver is evolving from exclusively operating as an organization delivering programs run by the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and supported by Mexico's Secretary of Economy, to an innovation-focused solution generator. This encompasses accelerating and incubating services for businesses. Along with TechBA`s other eight locations in highly technologically competitive environments, its objective is to position Mexico as a world---class innovation-led technology provider.

BRIGHTLANE: Creating a Home for a Community of Entrepreneurs

BRIGHTLANE: Launching an Incubator” is a research project that will explore and evaluate different traditional approaches to creating supportive environments for startup business. Co-working spaces have seen enormous growth in recent years and people seek the support and savings associated with a shared workspace. This project will provide foundational research to facilitate the launch of a new co-working environment in downtown Toronto that will have a specific focus on the creative industries.

Global Country Risk Assessment and Selection

This project will involve the calculation of a global country risk measure for each of the 45 countries included in MSCI All Country World Index. Two alternative approaches will be used to develop our measures. The first is based on market segmentation and will use, for each country, the GICS industry group data consisting of earnings yield, book yield and gross profit. The second approach develops the risk measure based on the country’s susceptibility to extreme risks in local and global markets.

Economic Capital Modeling by Using Copulas

Sun Life Financial is carrying out its ERM and ORSA analysis. The company seeks to develop sophisticated and mathematically sound internal models that would serve as company's own risk measurement tools for EC evaluations, provide continuing insights into the appropriate risk management routes, as well as be a benchmark against the RC required by the OSFI.

Re-engineering business process of an insurance broker group

This project aims to identify and fix the gaps in existing business processes of commercial insurance brokers group. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, I plan to redesign the processes to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the service quality by developing workflow management system for the organization. Workflow management system deals with supporting business processes in the organization.

The Evaluation of Risk and Return for Community Impact Investments

The ‘Evaluating Risk and Return for Community Impact Investments’ projects seeks to engage one masters level student intern for one semester to work with the partners in designing a new evaluation tool or framework for the risk and return of community impact investments. The intern will gain an understanding of the investment policies and risk tools in place at the partnering organizations and will research how other organizations are evaluating the risk and return on impact investments. With this research, best practices will be summarized and an evaluation tool will be created.