Research Study into Impact of E-mail on Employees

The proposed research to be undertaken is an investigation into the relationship between electronic communication (E-mail, text messages, and Instant Messages) and key employee/employer outcomes (Employee outcomes include: work-life conflict, perceived stress, depressed mood, and anxiety; Employer outcomes include: engagement, work-role overload, job satisfaction, and work related stress.

Évaluation statistique et prévision de la performance de gestionnaires d’actif

Ce projet porte sur l’évaluation de la performance de gestionnaires de fonds de placement. Plus spécifiquement, dans ce projet on cherche à développer des outils qui permettront à la compagnie de déterminer, à partir de données sur ses rendements passés et sur le rendement d’indices de marché appropriés, si un gestionnaire d’actif a été significativement plus performant dans ses placements que l’indice de marché en question.

The Characterization and Simulation of Futures Markets

Current financial models do an inadequate job of capturing the nuances of actual market movements and often exclude the characteristics that would differentiate the resulting data from randomly generated data. The project will identify the key market characteristics that encompass actual market movements by extending current pricing models to encompass those characteristics that are deemed to be important from the perspective of a market participant.

Mapping Our Common Ground

The Mapping our Common Ground Mitacs- supported Internships will support the Evaluation and Communications functions for the UVIC Community Mapping Collaboratory. Supported by lead Academics from UVIC and UBC, key staff working at the Collaboratory and key advisors from the Community Mapping Collaboratory Steering Ctte (including Wendy Brawer from the global Green Map system and WSANEC indigenous mapping leaders Kevin Paul and John Elliott), the two interns will research the academic and popular literature, information, tools, applications and innovation in the community mapping field.

Evolution of digital access modes in Employee and Family Assistance Programs

Shepell·fgi is a leading provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) for domestic and global clients. As digital technology and online social networks became increasingly important, Shepell·fgi added new digital services (First Chat, Video Counselling, Online Access, and other online programs) other than the traditional delivery channels (telephone and in-person appointments). Many recent studies focus on analyzing the clinical and monetary effectiveness of these online programs, however, rarely do they focus on user demographics.

The impact of PCV13 vaccine program discontinuation on herd immunity decay and serotype replacement: a mathematical modeling study

The clinical and cost effectiveness of immunizing children WIth PCV7 and PCV13 is well established in the scientific literature. However the success of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in children has given rise to questions from payers regarding whether continued investment in PCV13 for children is needed. The proposed research project undertaken by the intern will help the partner organization to quantitatively determine: 1) What is the optimal percentage of the children population that needs to be vaccinated to incure herd immunity in the rest of the population?

A Meta-Analysis of Workplace Wellness Programs and the Impact of Sun Life Financial’s HealthyRETURNS Health & Wellness program on Employee Health, Productivity and Organizational Costs

A recent meta-analysis of wellness program research literature, phase 1 of the project described in this proposal, suggests that wellness programs reduce absenteeism, resulting in an average savings of $251 per employee per year. These results are similar to those of a team from Harvard University, whose findings suggest a return on investment (ROI) of $3.27 for every dollar invested in wellness programs. Thus, programs which generate strong employee health outcomes may also generate substantial savings for the employer, thereby supporting a business case for workplace wellness strategies.

CMBS iReport

DBRS CMBS team plans to implement a new product called "CMBS iReport". The product will provide users with a complement of market and property specific data in a highly interactive and accessible interface. The project will involve collect CMBS market data and identify the key factors (demographic factors, macro-economic factors, and loan specific data) that can explain loss severities for CMBS transactions and provide insights to CMBS market stakeholders.

Predicting disability benefits claim durations and Comparing actual versus expected disability benefits claim durations

The financial implications of time lost from work due to disability can be severe. Disability insurance coverage plans protect people from possible loss of income. We have found factors that predict the duration of disability benefit claims. However, it remains to be seen whether these associations are consistent. Improved understanding of modifiable factors associated with claim duration may help insurers optimize their case management processes to reduce overall claim durations, and facilitate more timely return to work.

Development of Antibacterial/Antiwear Polymer Based Nano-composite Coating for Circulation Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is a world-class producer of circulation and non-circulation coins for Canada and other countries and aggressively conducting and supporting research and development to meet customer requirements and social/environmental wellbeing. One of future strategies at The Royal Canadian Mint is to produce antibacterial Canadian circulation coins, reducing the potential spread of bacterial through coins exchange. Researchers at Carleton will joint force with RCM to develop antibacterial coatings and also to evaluate the coating adhesion and wear resistance.