Application of Data Mining Methods for Detecting Irregularities in Securities Market

Current procedure for monitoring securities market in Canada relies heavily on tips from outside and hard coded rules and thresholds. This approach leaves many suspicious cases out of investigation (i.e. false negatives). We introduce a data mining approach to identify irregularities in securities market. These irregularities are known as suspicious cases that might be associated with fraudulent activities and need to be investigated by auditors. Developing such methods requires a deep understanding of strategies that investment componies employ.

Economic benefits of local purchasing

This research project will investigate local economic impacts resulting from municipal government procurement through locally-owned suppliers in comparison to procurement through national or multinational suppliers with local operations. The objective of the project is to determine a BC analysis to quanitify the economic impact of local purchasing decisions.

Hybrid encryption and intrusion detection for an e-commerce database

The recent rapid growth of web-based applications and information systems has increased the risk exposure of databases and, thus, the security and protection of data from internal and external threats is more crucial than ever. Damage and misuse of data affect not only a single user or application, but may have disastrous consequences on an entire organization. The partner company’s database contains sensitive financial transactions information and customers can have direct and immediate online access to business information that pertains to them anywhere anytime.

Predicting click-impression dynamics by an epidemic model

InferSystems Corp. develops fully automatic mathematical software to optimize Real-Time-Targeting and Real-Time-Bidding. No project summary submitted.

Forex data gathering and analysis acceleration

A prototype Forex currency trading system has demonstrated a proof of concept on a static data set. The current project proposes to implement the trading system for real-time applications.

Investigating intercultural skills development and needs assessment of medium and large businesses in Ontario

This project investigates barriers, facilitators, and experiences related to intercultural skills development training and implementation in the workplace. The project involves the examination of current theories and practices of intercultural skills development, as well as industry partners’ perceptions and experiences of diversity in the workplace and intercultural skills training. The research intends to determine how behavior and attitudes toward diversity in the workplace can become more open and inclusive.

Tsawwassen First Nation post-treaty community well being study

In 2009, the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) signed a self-governance treaty with the Canadian and British Columbia governments, the first to do so under the Federal-Provincial treaty process. The impact of obtaining self governance outside the Indian Act is, therefore, something that is important, not only for TFN, but as an example for other First Nations communities in British Columbia. This project will carry out an interview survey to determine the well-being of the TFN.

Customer intelligence data mining for financial institutions

For banks and financial institutions data is one of the most important assets, providing the key to true differentiation and competitive advantage. Insight Business Intelligence, solutions offered by Banking Software Company Temenos, turn figures into meaningful information for business decision making. However the existing business rules based models could be improved by using novel statistical techniques to capture the stochastic dependence in the data.

Next generation content development and management

As a globally recognized credit service provider, DBRS plans to implement a new project called next generation content development and management. DBRS expects to expand its current online service offering to the users by launching a series of mobile apps with sophisticated and analytical tools.

Towards a utility framework for enterprise business intelligence mashups

The objective of this research project is to determine the efficacy of enterprise mashups in the realm of business intelligence. Based on a deliberation of enterprise and end-user requirements for BI Mashups technologies and services, this project aims to formulate a utility framework for enterprise BI Mashups. The framework is expected to advance an understanding of business process requirements that can be satisfied through the use of enterprise BI Mashups, and also aid in the development of mashup toolkits targeted at BI end-users.