Organization Evolution Strategy

Kintama Research has a successful history as a scientific and research company, during which it has developed a great deal of proprietary intellectual property, not just in its technologies, but also in the methodologies of its research and consulting practices. However, that intellectual property relies on the expertise of its senior staff. The company needs to be able to plan for product commercialization, management and engineering succession planning, and the creation of lasting shareholder value.

Yield Management to Optimize Expected Revenues

Yield Management refers to a method of dynamically-pricing products such as airline seats and hotel rooms in such a way as to optimize revenues. While this technique is best known to the public from its application in the airline industry, it has a fact been employed in the hotel business since the early 1990s, managing room pricing strategies according to forecasts of supply and demand. However, these techniques are less well developed in the convention side of the business, especially in the case of opportunities that span multiple facilities.

Stochastic Portfolio Theory Applications

Mainly developed by Robert Fernholz, the stochastic portfolio theory is a framework used to analyze market structure, evaluate and optimize portfolio performance and build portfolios with controlled behavior. The internship aims at implementing and testing various asset allocations developed within the framework of the stochastic portfolio theory in order to supply Desjardins Gestion internationale d’actifs with new tools in its search for efficient investment strategies.

Portfolio Management based on the Stochastic Portfolio Theory

The stochastic portfolio theory developed by Robert Fernholz is a mathematical framework used to build portfolios and analyze their behavior as well as the securities market structure. This new theory is consistent with market behavior. Portfolio generating functions are the focus area for the internship as they constitute versatile tools to build portfolios with specific properties.

Credit Risk Optimization

Risk and portfolio management models arising in finance can be formulated and solved as optimization problems. Credit risk models are especially challenging for practical implementation due to the fact that the portfolio’s loss distribution is not known exactly. To solve such problems, special mathematical, algorithmic and implementation techniques are required. This internship project with Algorithmics Inc., a financial risk management software provider, plans to investigate solving credit risk optimization models using modern optimization algorithms.

Risk Analysis and Assurance test on Carbon Credit Asset Management Program

The intern will be undertaking research with Carbon Credit Corp. (CCC), a designer of green strategies for public companies, to gain an understanding of the Canadian Carbon Market, as it evolves, with specific attention on carbon sequestration in tilled land in the Canadian Prairies. CCC is uniquely positioned in this eco-market to determine how carbon sequestration will be treated as a viable carbon credit resource.

Risk Rating Enhancement for Vancity

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) and its subsidiary, Citizens Bank of Canada, is looking to improve its current commercial mortgage risk rating systems to better predict the default possibility of commercial mortgage loan customers. In this project, the intern will begin with familiarizing herself with the principles, processes and operation of the existing rating model and applications as well as understating the risk profile and loan performance data.

Consumer Activity Segmentation in Marketing

This project will require the intern to use statistical techniques such as a K-means to cluster customers into different groups based upon their relationship to Kraft and how those relationships drive business value for Kraft. The intern will also use logistical progression and decision trees to create models that will be able to predict the business value of future customers.

Municipal Development: Finding Political Incentives for Economic Investors

The intern is confronted with a classical question in political economy: what kind of political institutions can facilitate economic development? The City of Vancouver represents a fascinating case study in which three important players are locked up in a strategic relationship that can either spur or damage the prospects of further economic development of the city. Player A, City Government, seeks to extract more revenues in taxation in order to accommodate the demands to provide welfare and services.

Insurance Pricing with Proprietary Information

Information regarding the likelihood and severity of automobile accidents for individual insurance consumers enables insurance companies to price insurance policies. The more accurate and predictive the data, the more accurate and fair insurance prices are. Modern advances, such as telematics technology, allow insurers to improve the quality of their information. This improved information has an efficiency-enhancing effect on the personal automobile insurance market which makes both insurers and consumers better off.