Research and implementation of Haptics Device Integration With a Dynamics Simulation Engine and Applications to Milling and Drilling Force Feedback

Virtual environments represented by multibody system models play an important role in many applications. Adding the possibility of the user directly interacting with such environments via physical touch using haptics can significantly enhance the usability and range of application of simulated environments.

Research and implement a software module for real-time data acquisition, visualization and analysis

Develop a software module for real-time data acquisition, visualization and analysis of data extracted during real time 3D physical simulation allowing to perform regression testing comparison of different Vortex versions, to find differences in system parameterization of similar mechanical system or to compare results from other simulation platform like Matlab.

Mobile Transaction Initialization, Authentication and Cooperation


The intern and organizational partner are looking for unique and interesting ways of using mobile devices to help authenticate users and methods of cooperation between a mobile device and another device, a PC for example. The intern will research and implement different authentication techniques on mobile devices. Additionally, it is prudent to study and develop a way of simplifying user interactions while maintaining a high level of security at all times.

Mobile Health Application Design and Implementation

This research project involves the design and implementation of an anxiety management application for transmission on the iPhone. The application employs cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) methodology and is designed for the 16 to 25 year old demographic. Normally used in face to face therapeutic interactions, the use of a mobile application is unique in that it supplies the patient with just in time access to the therapeutic techniques necessary to manage their anxiety.