Collaborative Recommendation Systems in Online Social Networks


The intern, along with his collaborator will explore both theoretically and empirically models of influence over social networks, recommendation systems of online content for users in social networks. Additionally, the intern will study various different ways to cluster and group the content of networks such as Twitter in an automated fashion. Additionally, the intern plans to study various different algorithmic problem the pertain to information retrieval and online content.

Visualization of High Frequency Financial Data Proposed period of internship

Cyborg Trading Systems (CTS) was founded by a group of successful traders, and highly skilled programmers. The CTS team is committed to continuous innovation in order to create dynamic, cutting edge software to meet the current and future needs of customers. CTS is currently working on designing „Market Studio‟ as a new product for analyzing high frequency financial data.

Improving Visibility Testing in Terrain Navigation

In this project, the intern will be tasked with improving the visibility testing algorithms in a commercial simulation software product. In the software, a large number of entities (such as military forces or emergency response personnel, including vehicles and people) are moving around on a two-dimensional map. The inter-entity visibility (that is, which entities are visible by any given entity) is crucial to the decision-making in the simulation, but the current solution employed by the software is too time-consuming.

Semantic Matching Applied to Relationship Matching


The on-line dating industry currently has over 1400 different sites, including known sites such as eHarmony, and LavaLife, however, research indicates a general dissatisfaction in the quality of relationship matches generated by these sites. The research proposal will investigate the use of new semantic technologies in providing a higher quality matching service. The commercial partner, Atwood Technology Inc., is expecting to leverage this technology to gain a competitive edge over the existing competition.