Express Scripting Technology: Scratch for SOTI SNAP and IoT

SOTI has developed a software product called SOTI SNAP that is designed to allow anyone to create an app with no programming or technical knowledge. SOTI SNAP allows users to drag and drop widgets onto a canvas and connect them together to create an app. Apps generated with SOTI SNAP have cross platform capabilities, they can run on Android and iOS based devices. Currently SNAP apps that require programming logic, must use JavaScript, but using JavaScript requires technical skills.

Simplification of long sentences

The task of sentence simplification can present itself in multiple forms. It could consist in correcting the punctuation of a sentence like so:
Avant : J’ai acheté un bateau je l’aime beaucoup.
Après : J’ai acheté un bateau. Je l’aime beaucoup.
However, a sentence can be both long and written correctly. In this case, it would require a reformulation in multiple sentences like so:

Speaker Diarization

Machine-transcription of speech into text is very helpful in many scenarios. Consider the case of machine-transcription of conversation between a Doctor and a patient. If we are able partition and identify the segments of patient’s speech from those of doctor’s, then the transcribed text is more structured and can be more helpful for further use. The process of partitioni a given input audio stream into homogeneous segments according to speaker identity is called Speaker Diarization. In this project, we want to implement and improve the state-of-art method for speaker-diarization.

Time-series forecasting

The Internet of things is a global infrastructure that enables advanced services by interconnecting physical and virtual things like smartphones, sensors, computers, machines or buildings. These devices typically create enormous amounts of data that can be used to create business value. Mnubo offers a software dubbed Smart Objects that is a comprehensive, full stack IoT data platform, which allows enterprises to transform IoT data into critical insights that can be used for maximizing their profit (e.g. In agriculture, one could optimize the irrigation rate to maximize crop production).

Behavioural finance profiling for financial advisors and clients

The purpose of this study is to develop a structural model that enhance the effectiveness of the financial advisory services. The primary value proposition Betterworth wants to demonstrate to the financial institution is how the betterworth platform will make financial advisors’ more efficient, enabling them to attend to more clients, cut their operational costs, target better solutions, enhance retention and sell additional products/services – ie. boost and extend the CLV (customer lifetime value).

Probabilistic Transitive Closure of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Algorithm Enhancement and Application to Work Integrated Learning

Shopify has a well-developed partnership with universities for a work-integrated Bachelor of Computer Science degree. It is in their best interest to see their student interns successfully transition to the work place. In the application part of this study, we will use a fuzzy cognitive map (that is, a special type of a graph) to represent expert knowledge on determinants of success and well-being of a student intern, Moreover, a relatively new mathematical model – transitive closure – will be applied to analyze this data and compute a set of guidelines for better learning outcomes.

"Virtually" connected: Can virtual reality technology foster closeness and intimacy in romantic relationships?

Social connections, especially satisfying romantic relationships, are vital for health and well-being. Yet, couples are spending increasingly more time apart, limiting opportunities for connection and intimacy. However, engaging in shared novel activities (i.e. self-expanding activities) can help couples connect and maintain their relationship over time. Indeed, couples who experience more self-expanding opportunities in relationships feel closer to their partner and are more satisfied and connected in their relationship.