Effective Policies for Healthy Food Solutions: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships for Public Health

This project is in partnership with the Canadian Obesity Network. Human diet and nutrition have changed toward a diet dominated by increased food portions; low consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, and legumes; and the increase in high consumption of foods rich in saturated fat, sugars and salt. As a result, societies have witnessed a dramatic increase in obesity and chronic diseases. The agri-food system cannot be missed in the battle of reducing this complex health problem.

Investigation of the role of macrophage and smooth muscle cell sub-phenotypes in human atherosclerosis

Providence Healthcare has established a reputation as one of the leading centres for cardiovascular research and treatment in Canada. Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals Canada is a major provider of pharmaceuticals used in cardiovascular treatment, and has an active research agenda aimed at improving the effectiveness of non]invasive diagnosis and treatment in this field. Pfizer and Providence Healthcare are collaborating on this research in order to develop more effective pharmacological treatments for atherosclerosis.

Left Ventricular Septal Pacing Through Trans-Ventricular Septal Approach - A Feasibility Study

It is well known in Cardiology that chronic right ventricular apex (RVA) pacing (using a pacemaker to regulate heart rhythm by pacing the lower chamber of the heart near the base) might be detrimental to heart function. Right Ventricular Apex (RVA) pacing is the most commonly used for patients. Alternate sites such as right ventricular (RV) pacing, including right ventricular septum and right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT), have not been shown to be definitely superior over RVA pacing.

Palatable Puree: Improving weight status and quality of life among older persons needing dysphagic food products

People with swallowing disorders must eat pureed or minced texture foods to eat safely. However, the process of pureeing or mincing greatly reduces the food’s appeal, often degrades its nutritional quality and can lead to undernutrition. New reformed modified-texture food products have been developed specifically for people with swallowing disorders.

Knowledge Translation: Nursing Uptake and Patient Outcomes Examined

Best practice guidelines are vital resources in the provision of consistent and equitable cancer care by Registered Nurses. However, best practice guidelines are not readily used in cancer care and when they are available, this use is inconsistent. Previous research about the use and impact of practice guidelines has focused on the problems of professionals (mostly nurses and physicians) or the workplace itself. The purpose of this project is to use the expertise and knowledge of Registered Nurses while studying the interactions of the many different people involved in patient care (e.g.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles with Disease Simulation Models in Community Pharmacies: The Healthy Option Study/L’etude Option Santé

The primary objective of this study is to demonstrate the feasibility of training graduate students, with at least a bachelor’s degree in health sciences or a related science, to complete health screenings in community pharmacies.

Application of a "Knowledge to Action" Approach with Two BC Health Authorities in a Study to Design Psychometric Instrument of Collaborative Team Culture

This internship augments a post-doctoral study to design psychometric instrumentation for measurement and evaluation of collaborative team culture. The study builds upon a dissertation inquiry carried out by the applicant, in which a collaborative health care culture framework was developed. There are insufficient evaluation tools to measure collaborative team culture and this study addresses this deficit.

Structural Health Monitorring of Bonded Composite Joints

The goal of this internship is to support a project that the NRC has undertaken upon the request of the Department of National Defence to improve the understanding of bonded composite joints specimens and to evaluate the capabilities of existing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technologies as they apply to the CH-149 helicopters or other aging aircraft. To achieve this, a literature review will be carried out. A plan for further testing, analysis and modelling will be developed with the intention of filling the gaps in public knowledge discovered during the literature review.

Model Predictions of the Effects of Vaccination on the Epidemic Growth Rate of Seasonal Influenza Epidemics

Influenza is associated with thousands of hospitalizations and deaths annually in Canada. The cornerstone of influenza control is the annual trivalent influenza vaccine administered prior to the start of the flu season. The annual vaccine does not provide perfect protection for all recipients and it is difficult to measure the vaccine’s efficacy at the start of the flu season, while the epidemic is growing. A mathematical model will be used to generate a typical influenza season using publically available data from FluWatch, a Canadian influenza surveillance system.

Adipocyte Dysfunction as a Cause of Obesity-Induced Pathophysiologies: Accelerated Cellular Impairments in Individuals of South Asian Descent

At similar levels of obesity, individuals of South Asian descent (SA) are at greater risk than individuals of European Caucasian (EC) descent for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and cardiovascular diseases (CVD). We hypothesize that in SA individuals, the morphology and functions of individual fat cells within fat tissue are altered, such that they are enlarged, inflamed and express altered levels of proteins called adipokines, which induce insulin resistance at other body organs, leading to T2DM and CVD.