Reduction of Software Rework Through the Mitigation of Cognitive Biases

The proposed work will lead to mechanisms for reducing the negative effects of Cognitive Biases - automatic, unconscious elements of the human reasoning system known to cause decision errors. While the outcomes of Cognitive Biases have been studied for decades, there has been almost no research into how to reduce or eliminate their negative effects. The end goal of the proposed work is a suite of mechanisms that reliably, simply and cost-effectively accomplish such 'de-biasing' in a workplace setting.

Minerva Canada Teaching Module Project, Phase II

This project is an undertaking in coordination with Minerva Canada which aims to address a gap between industry and the graduates of engineering programs in terms of attitudes, knowledge and applied skills pertaining to health & safety in engineering practice. Through a series of phases from curriculum planning to implementation, the project's end product will include stand-alone teaching modules that can be integrated into each year of an engineering program related to health & safety for universities across Canada.

Analysis and Matching of Donors and Charities Using Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques

Dexterity Consulting is a company that aims to maximize the impact of donors’ donations to charities. Dexterity Consulting offers a service to match donors to charities, based on the alignment of the donors’ preferences and the charities goals. This matching process is currently being done manually by an expert in the field, working at Dexterity Consulting. The proposed research aims to develop an automated system to replace the current matching process.

PLC Design for Wastewater Treatment

This project is aimed at designing a comprehensive PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system for the automatic operation and control of three wastewater treatment plants under construction in northern Saskatchewan. We are going to use mathematical modeling to complete this task. In order to maximize the safety level of the operating plant, we will carefully investigate and incorporate each possible error case into the PLC system.

An Abstraction Layer for Querying and Understanding Business Process Behaviours

Business intelligence is the commercial term for using information within organizations to make informed decisions, and to run operations effectively based on known data. The Canadian business intelligence (BI) market is projected to increase from C$185 million in 2006 to over C$290 million by 2011. Ontario is home to Cognos, a world leader in BI, which was recently acquired by IBM. The proposed collaboration between the University of Toronto, IBM Cognos, and IBM Research would use an emerging technology for business process management, called "business entities with lifecycles" (a.k.a.

Religion at Work: Impressions & experiences of young adults of immigrant background in Canada

Working from an existent database of focus groups and interviews conducted in Canadian cities, this project investigates how young adults from established immigrant populations view religious diversity in the workplace.