Estimating Market Potential and Location-Allocation for Land-Use Modelling

As Lowe’s Companies Incorporated expands their organization across Canada they face tough decisions about where to locate new retail stores. These decisions take place at different scales and require choices to be made about what towns or cities would benefit from a new home improvement center and where within these towns or cities the center should be located. This project extends traditional site-location analysis and develops new approaches and customized tools to assess the best locations for new stores.

Community dynamics in restored salt marshes

Salt marshes are important coastal ecosystems as they provide many services to surrounding areas. However, due to their highly productive nature, they have a long history of being converted into farmland in the Maritimes and continue to be altered for human development. Salt marsh restoration has become popular recently to mitigate the increasing societal costs associated with rising sea level, as well as to increase amount of suitable habitat for wildlife including waterfowl.

Monitoring & Assessment of Vegetation Management Techniques in BC and Alberta

This project will involve the monitoring and assessment of newly implemented vegetation management processes at Spectrum Resource Group. The efficacy and consistency of herbicide application in forestry and industrially-related environments will be observed, and notes and recommendations will be made on how new procedures compare to traditional methods.

Optimization and Control for Bioreactors used in Wastewater Treatment

The automation of wastewater treatment plants can lead to decreased energy usage and improved effluent quality. Current technology focuses on instrumentation and displays so that human operators can make decisions on the operating point of the plant, while relying on simple computer feedback controls to guide the plant. This research program aims at developing intelligent control techniques to make decisions on the operation of the plant in a fully automatic scenario. One advantage of this approach is that the computer can calculate optimal, i.e.

Ontario Water Asset Map Research Project

The purpose of this research project is to create an existing Asset Map of Ontario’s water technology sector – including innovators, suppliers, researchers, associations and others, in order better understand the networks of innovation and to support WaterTap’s efforts to facilitate the development of innovation networks and advance water technology in Ontario.

Consolidation and transformation of administrative data into research dataset

Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYCs) offer programming for young children (0 to 6) and their families. In Hamilton, there are five different OEYCs. The City of Hamilton helps the OEYCs with their planning and with assessing how their programs are helping families. This is complicated, because each OEYC keeps its own data. This project will develop a way to produce a single citywide set of OEYC data, on demand, out of the separate databases. This will improve the quality of the data available to support planning and local decision-making.

Preventing and Responding to Gendered Violence on Campus

The purpose of the research is to describe the nature of university policies and practices related to gendered violence at Canadian universities, in order to identify promising practices for preventing and responding to gendered violence. A description and analysis of university policies from across Canada will provide a useful context for evaluating the policies on gendered violence at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) and the University of Waterloo (UW), specifically for identifying gaps and effective practices.

Finding Permanency for Children/Youth in Care Project

Achieving permanency for children and youth placed in out-of-home care enables them to form loving, consistent relationships, a sense of connectedness and belonging to their family and community, and a stable place that they call ‘home’. Permanency is critical to the well-being of placed children and youth now and in the future. This proposed study examines the outcomes for children/youth placed in permanent arrangements and their (new) families as a result of the Family Finders pilot project at Family and Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County.

Pharmacy Care Health and Wellness Approaches in the Grocery Retail Environment

Health care systems in Canada and countries around the world are challenged by increasing demands for services, while providing those services within fixed health agency budgets. To address these challenges, the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation, Loblaw Company Limited and Green Shield Canada has formed a collaborative partnership.

The Black Experience Project (BEP) in the Greater Toronto Area – Phase 2

This project aims to build on Phase 1 of the The Black Experience Project (BEP) currently being undertaken in the Greater Toronto Area. The multi-year research study that this project will support aims to examine the barriers to success for Black community members living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which have and/ or continue to prevent the GTA’s diverse Black community from attaining their potential success (e.g., to become involved in leadership positions in various sectors including, but not limited to, the public, private, educational, political, legal sectors etc.).