Robust project scheduling policies for naval refit operations at Thales Group

In large-scale construction projects such as naval refits or aircraft overhauls, project execution is subject to considerable uncertainty and a baseline schedule quickly becomes unachievable.  For naval environments, high variability in work scope and duration occur at every stage.  Furthermore, tools and equipment can fail or not be on-site when needed.  Human resources are drawn from a pool of workers coming from a mix of fixed-capacity-unionized workers and contractors.  To limit the effect of unexpected but inevitable schedule disruptions, resource (equipment and workers) buffers are us

Visual attention in deep learning for detection and classification

Visual attention refers to the mechanism of dynamically and selectively focusing on a subset of the visual input stimuli for detailed analysis, which is part of the visual perception process of the early primate vision. It has been successfully integrated into the design and implementation of many artificial visual recognition systems with applications to image classification, object detection, object sequence recognition, as well as image captioning and visual question answering.

Optimizing heuristics for spin-glass problems for diverse solutions

Optimization problems, such as finding the shortest or fastest path to a destination are ubiquitous in industry. Hower, for some industrial applications it may be desirable to have a set of few diverse, yet nearly optimal solutions. The goal of this project is to create new optimization problem solvers that focus on both quality and diversity of the solutions proposed. These solvers will subsequently be used to assess the performance of the D-Wave quantum annealer processor.

Thermal Performance Study of Switch Module Redesign

Thermal analysis is performed on a proposed design change on electronic assembly to ensure that it meets customer requirements (temperature ranges) and is a more cost-effective design. Such design change should be cost efficient. The important aspect, in addition to the design, is interacting with different engineers at different positions in the company. Working with mechanical engineers and suppliers in achieving such targets and ensuring the work done is viable and on track.

Ultra-thin graphene oxide membranes for efficient humidity harvesting

The main goal of the proposed work is to develop an ultra-thin and selective GO membrane capable of separating water vapor or steam from air. For this purpose, a suitable membrane supports required to hold the GO sheets. Therefore, the GO sheets will be deposited on various membrane supports and their performance in terms of selectivity, permeability, and mechanical strength will be evaluated. Then, the effect of GO layer number on the selectivity and permeation rate will be investigated.

Implementation of a Comprehensive Athlete Monitoring Program in Female and Male Varsity Ice Hockey Players

In order to improve athlete performance and maintain health, it is crucial to find a balance between training/competition demand, and the stress experienced by athletes. To improve performance, training and adaptation is necessary, but it is also crucial to consider how much training and competition an athlete can handle before it becomes harmful to their mental and physical health.

pH equilibrated water for pets

VETWATER (Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville, QC) produces pet equilibrated water under the commercial name of "VETWATER urinary solution for cats" (VC), which helps preventing urinary crystals and stones (urolithiasis) by equilibrating pH strictly in the 6.2-6.4 range. Besides urolithiasis, feline lower urinary tract diseases (FLUTDs) affect the urinary bladder and urethra of cats without any obvious underlying cause- so called "feline idiopathic cystitis" (FIC).

Development of a business model to plastic packaging waste management: the case of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC)

By being moldable, durable, light, and inexpensive plastic packaging has seen a rapid growth in the use and its disposal is becoming a planetary challenge. Besides sustainable production and consumption globalized trade in waste plastics represents a significant option towards a circular economy. China, who so far represented the greatest importer of this material, recently (2017) implemented a policy banning the importation of most plastic waste and rising global concern regarding the destiny of this enormous displaced material flow.

Study Hot Cracking Susceptibility of Critical AA6111 Aluminum Alloys during Direct Chill Casting

AA6111 aluminum alloys possess a combination of excellent strength, good formability and good corrosion resistance that are widely use in the car panel manufacture. Direct chill (DC) casting process is typically employed for producing such alloy ingots. Despite its advantages, AA6111 alloys are considered as “hard-to-cast” alloy among 6xxx alloys because of high susceptibility to hot cracks. The present project will investigate the effect of chemical composition and grain refinement on hot crack susceptibility.

Optimization of a calibration procedure for Mecademic’s Meca500 robot arm

Mecademic manufactures the smallest and most precise six-axis robot arm. The repeatability of this robot is better than 0.005 mm, but like any industrial robot, the robot’s accuracy is far worse. The only practical way of improving the robot’s accuracy is to calibrate each individual robot.