Design and Testing of Innovative Precast Concrete I-Beams using FRP Reinforcement and Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

This research addresses the feasibility of using FRP reinforcement in concrete beams taking into consideration the effect of fiber dosage and prestressing level in order to enhance the structural performance, time efficiency and optimised-cost. Full-scale precast concrete I-beams will be tested as simple beams to determine their flexural and shear capacity.

Innovative solutions for industrial process management: Process efficiency and delivery sequence improvement for CLT products at Structurlam

Structurlam, a construction-wood products manufacturer located in Penticton, BC, needs to optimize their cross-laminated panels production line, aiming to increase machinery productivity, and minimize time and unnecessary shuffling of finished panels. The purpose of this project is to define equations and rules representing the production process of wood panel to enhance the productivity. The researchers will develop a schedule tool applicable to Structurlam’s facility and production process. The tool will provide the optimum wood panel production sequence.

Using Augmented Reality to Improve Quality in a Discreet Component Assembly Process

Quality control in manufacturing can be a challenge. While many use AR (Augmented Reality) to reduce error in training processes or to assist with the assembly process, this research will introduce AR as a means of performing quality checks while the worker is assembling, thus allowing him or her to do two jobs at once. DAQRI will be used as a smart visor/helmet to provide visual cues to the worker, eliminating the need to check a status screen for updates, as well as identifying any assembly errors and providing a means to fix the problem.

Structure-Property Relationships of Ethylene Polymers for Sealant Applications

Heat sealing is the most widely used sealing method in film packaging applications specifically in food industry. In this technique, two layers of film are melted and bonded together with the application of heat and pressure. In this project a rheological study (rheology and peeling) of a series of ethylene polymers will be performed to derive correlations between rheological properties and sealability for identification of optimum product properties.

Investigation of Thermal Bowing in UHPC Precast Double Wythe Wall Panels

Precast/prestressed concrete sandwich panels (PCSP) are used widely as architectural or structural units. They consist of two concrete wythes, rigid insulation foam in between, and shear connectors. Although they exhibit excellent attributes and perform well in the field, some factors can deter the full utilization of PCSPs and cause safety concern. One of those factors is the thermal bowing, a deflection of the panel caused by difference in temperature between the outer and inner wythes.

Adaptable Balconies: Sustainable Development Strategies for Toronto’s Aging Neighbourhoods

The majority of mid-20th century high-rise concrete housing stock have reached the end of their first lifecycle in terms of structural integrity and environmental performance, and the urban planning ideals with which they were designed have made these neighbourhoods irrelevant to the contemporary culture of the city. Solutions for economical, structural, social and technological barriers to developing a secondary system to the building envelope and the restructuring of existing balconies for the overall renewal of tower neighbourhoods will be investigated and proposed in this project.

Beyond the Science of Body Sugaring: Development and Study of Ingrown Hair Treatments

The removal of unwanted body hair by body sugaring is an ancient method commonly used in the middle east, and it is fast becoming the method of choice in North America. When not done properly, the removal of unwanted hair can lead to injuries to the skin and can cause ingrown hairs, also known as razor bumps. Most products available for the treatment of ingrown hairs are often saturated with alcohol, and harsh chemicals that strip the skin of natural oils, often causing burns, irritation, and lacerations.

Application of lean construction in Small and medium-sized enterprises

Construction SMEs significantly contribute to Canada’s economy. Therefore high productivity within the SMEs is highly beneficial for the development of the country. Building constructions and renovations are everyday occurrences which involve the constant need to improve and readapt business practices to market forces and trends of globalization. Consumers and business owners face problems during each project that may result in delayed project delivery or extra cost spending. No one really likes this right?

Development Of A Machine Condition Monitoring Platform Using A Wireless Sensor Network

Machine maintenance is a necessary task to keep production lines or individual machines running in a healthy condition. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) can effectively reduce maintenance cost and machine down time. However, it requires online machine condition monitoring systems to obtain the relevant parameters of the machines.

Recycling of Landfill Waste Plastics for the Manufacture of Fence Structures

The project examines the use of recycled plastics sourced from waste landfills for construction and infrastructure
applications such as fence panels, an idea developed by EcoFence. Through the course of this project a
comprehensive study is conducted to evaluate the mechanical and physical characteristics, such as strength
and sound absorption. The measured data is compared to those of conventional fencing materials such as vinyl,
composite wood and concrete.