Development of natural antioxidant formulation for improved Vitamin A soft gelatin capsules stability and shelf-life

The Marquardt Group at the University of Windsor intends to better understand the stability and degradation of Catalent’s vitamin A soft gel supplement, including the effect of various antioxidants on the degradation. Catalent is one of the largest suppliers of Vitamin A palmitate capsules to Nutrition International (previously Micronutrient Initiative), which is an organization aimed at eliminating malnutrition throughout the world.

Cellulose Nanocrystals Reinforced Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) nanocomposite dipped products: Processing and Structural Properties

The research project will develop processes for the fabrication of latex rubber films containing cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) as reinforcement to enhance the physical properties of the films. Similarly, improving the compatibility between the latex rubber and the CNCs will be investigated which is expected to significantly improve the physical properties of the films, resulting in the possibility of using thinner films. Benefits to the partner organization will be the added value of CNCs especially to the rubber industry which will generate more market and revenue.

Applied Research in Performance Enhancement for Quantum Annealing

D-Wave Systems develops and manufactures quantum annealing processors. These processors implement a model of quantum computation that seeks to solve hard problems by exploiting quantum effects such as tunneling and superposition. The aim of this project is to study and improve the performance of quantum annealing processors by mitigating inherent and implementation-dependent failure mechanisms for near-term quantum annealing devices.

Clinical Implementation of Contralateral Inhibition OAE Testing

The proposed research project seeks to develop protocols that will enable one to measure the functionality of the auditory brainstem in a way that is clinically viable and time efficient. This project aims to minimize the time necessary to conduct an inclusive otoacoustic emissions (OAE) test using contralateral acoustic stimulation. By setting threshold signal to noise ratios, outputs from the ear in response to specified pure tones centered around frequency levels imperative for understanding speech will be analysed.

Advanced Characterization of Zirconium Hydrides in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube in CANDU Reactors

In the operation of CANDU reactors, the Zr-2.5Nb pressure tubes holding the cooling water and fuel bundles are susceptible to hydride cracking-induced crack initiation mechanisms, known as delayed hydride cracking and overload crack initiation. For structural integrity evaluation of CANDU pressure tubes, of fracture toughness and hydride crack initiation models were developed. However, the hydride morphology input for the model is still based on microstructures taken decades ago.

The influence of cloud-technologies and other technological advance on the print industry

Cloud-based technologies are being used more and more in industry to benefit from the large data-sets that are being created so these data-sets can be analyzed to get a better overview on the effectiveness of processes and how to optimize current processes. The print industry is starting to see the benefits of cloud-based technologies.

Examination of beneficial effects of copper fabric on cardiometabolic status, and mechanistic role of gut microbiome

Copper has long been proposed to have important biological properties. Designed to deliver the health benefits of copper, CuTEC yarn is a USPTO|EPO patent pending, bio-engineered copper-based yarn that can be produced as products such as clothing and mattress ticking. Although many believe in the positive properties of copper for well-being, many remain retiscent to believe strong anecdotal evidence with regards to benefits of exposing skin to a pure metal or metal alloy.

Quantifying fish-turbine interactions using VEMCO's new high residency acoustic electronic tagging technology-Phase 2

It remains unclear if fishes that occupy Canada's leading tidal energy test site in Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, will be negatively affected by turbine installations. The objective of this project is to determine fishes' interactions with operating turbines. Of approximately 70 species of fishes that interact with Minas Passage only three have abundance estimates (Gaspereau River Alewife; Shubenacadie River Striped Bass; Saint John River Atlantic Sturgeon) that are necessary to predict effects at the population level.

Leveraging micro-sensors for minimally invasive neuromodulation device

More than 1/3 of people will be affected by a neurological condition in their lifetime. Seeking effective treatments for various brain ailments is paramount to a healthy and prosperous society. Both the quality of life and the economic impact of brain disorders is staggering, costing our healthcare systems billions of dollars annually. Unfortunately, most patients impacted by brain-related ailments can only be managed either pharmacologically or surgically; both approaches however fail to resolve the underlying neurological problems, which is likely to exacerbate as our population ages.

Exploring predictive analysis models to improve online sales performance

Faire Child Makewear Limited (“Faire Child”) is a Nova Scotia start-up company created to design and market a line of fashionable and sustainable children’s outerwear. Faire Child developed an opertalization plan in collaboration with an outside consultant in December 2017. Despite having executed the plan as designed, the activities that were undertaken did not result in sales, and the click-through rates, though impressive, are not converting to sales. In addition, FaireChild has just acquired all of the manufacturing equipment needed to begin manufacturing themselves.