Evaluation of Flexkor as a flexibility aid for elite athletes

The objective of this research project is to determine if athletes who use the Flexkor device to facilitate stretching after their workouts will result in comparable gains in hamstring flexibility and strength as would be obtained by athletes who use a trained therapist. Many elite athletes in a team environment rely heavily on therapists to conduct stretching after practicing, as part of their cool-down period.

Effects of Nozzle Design and Tool Rotational Speed on MQL Performance in Machining of Aerospace Materials

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) is a new technology used nowadays in machining processes and is very promising for near dry machining. Compared to dry machining and flood machining processes MQL  has clear economical and ecological advantages. However, MQL implementation is still applied using a trial and error approach. Limited research work has been done on evaluating the effect of MQL on product quality, especially, in aerospace materials (composites and difficult to cut materials like Inconel).

Technical-economic cost modeling for scaled production of printable, organic solar cells

Traditional silicon-based solar cells are harmful to the environment and costly to manufacture. Polymer-based (organic) solar cells on the other hand are thinner and more flexible electronic devices that are economically sustainable and have high cost saving potential due to the printable nature of their manufacturing process. This project involves cost estimation and analysis of different processing steps that the partnering company may pursue for low to medium volume manufacture of its organic solar cells.

Micro Power Generator


Intern will develop Qualitative System Characterization method in two ways. First, it will help to generalize the method such that it may be applied to a variety of systems spanning various fields. Second, it will help explore the possibility of a multi-dimensional Qualitative System Characterization. Beyond the MPG specific benefits, intern will provide Arjae Spectral Enterprises a generalized Qualitative System Characterization method which could be employed to various other projects.